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  1. 22 minutes ago, JLMoran said:

    I'll note that if you have the app installed, it does allow you add your Set Sail passes into your phone's digital wallet (e.g., the Wallet app on iPhones). Once added there, you do not need to open up the app at all to show the passes, and even if the app is misbehaving that day you still have the passes available from that virtual wallet. Process is pretty easy, I'll give the steps for iPhone but should be nearly identical on Android:

    1. From the Royal app, tap on the profile icon at the top of the screen; it's the right-most icon in the row with a ship, calendar, and person
    2. Tap "View SetSail Pass"
    3. Tap "Add to Apple Wallet" on the first pass in the set; you'll be asked if you want to add all the passes, or review and select which to add
      • Choose Add All to add the whole set
      • Choose Review to go through and pick just one (if, say, you just want your personal pass on the wallet, while everyone else puts their passes on their own phones)
    4. You'll be taken to the Wallet app, where you'll see the newly added passes; they will not look like they do in the Royal app (mine show up with a dark blue background instead of the gold I see in the app), but will still have all the relevant info for name / deck / room / drink package marker / etc
    5. Tap "Done" to return to the Royal app

    To verify the cards are there in your Wallet, do the following:

    1. Start off with your phone locked / dark
    2. Access the wallet from the lock screen by double-pressing the home button (iPhone 8 and earlier) or the sleep/wake button (iPhone X and newer)
    3. The Wallet view will come up with your default card in full view and the other cards it saved in a compact stack at the bottom
    4. Tap on the stack to scroll through the full set of credit cards, store cards, etc until you see your saved Set Sail pass(es)
      • Remember they're not the same color as before
      • If you saved all the passes, you'll only see one item in the "stack", not one for each of the saved passes
    5. Tap on the pass to bring it fully into view from the "stack"
      • If you saved multiple passes, you can now view them all by swiping left/right

    When you're ready to check in, just repeat the above steps and you're good to go!

    NOTE: I added my passes way back when they first became available in the app, but when I was going through this write-up I found they were no longer there; Wallet deletes passes it considers "stale", and app updates might trigger this. So if you want to add them ahead of your embarkation, make sure not to do it too far ahead and to re-check they're still there before you leave for the port.

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. 3 hours ago, Ditchdoc said:

    Everyone has an app now days, My smart phone is cluttered with them. They use storage space, eat data and battery power. Some are useful and get used almost daily while others only get used on a rare occasion. I only cruse once or twice a year and it seems wasteful to use limited phone resources for an app I would only use a couple of times a year.

    I remove mine when I am not cruising.  I like to have it to check the schedules of what is going on.

  3. That would be a definite plus if they would eliminate the smoking.  On our last cruise we didn't gamble at all because of the smoke and almost got sick walking thru the casino because fo the smoke.  And on Adventures of the Seas it doesn't stay in the casino, it was rising up into other areas of the ship.  Would love if they would eliminate the smoking in the casino  before our Allure of the Seas in December with the family.

  4. It is usually a lot less crowded on the excursions which because we like to snorkel is important to us.  Also usually less expensive.  For our zipling we were able to do more tricks than the ship excursion allowed. I always make sure they have 5 star reviews and are a reputable company.  Their reputation relies on them getting you back to the ship in plenty of time so we never worry about being late getting back to the ship.

  5. I just checked my cruise planner and they are still offering the unlimited dining package but it does state "Holiday Celebration Dinners are not included with this package."  ZI am looking forward to the cruise but with a 8,11 and 13 year old will be doing main dining and windjammer on this cruise.

  6. I can pack it 2 days.  My husband takes a month.  I think about it for months so when it is time to pack I know exactly what I am taking and just have to pack it.  We do lay everything out on our dining room table and have it set by day.  I write the day on a note card and put clothes with that day.  There are some great packing lists for cruises on Pinterest that you might find helpful.

  7. We live north of Greenville, SC and have driven as far as Fort Pierce and the hotels are less money (It was $100 last October, I can't remember where we stayed but it was clean and comfortable).   Because we are meeting my son and his family this time and they are flying in,  we are staying in Fort Lauderdale at $200 per room.  We are leaving our car with Park N Fly ($123 for 7 days)  We watch them come and pick up people for 1.5 hour the last time while we waited for our parking company to come and get us. 

    Have fun!

  8. Maybe the reason they have moved so quickly is the father of the baby is a policeman and his friends are watching his back for him and making sure they help with the legal issues while they are in this horrible nightmare situation.  This is a very nice family.  My son worked with the father for about 8 years.  Have some compassion folks!  It is sad enough without a mock jury and trial.  May we all never feel the pain and hurt that this family is now dealing with and will for the rest of their lives.

  9. Go on the website for Park N Go.  Use them, not another one. The last one we used, can't remember the name, we waited about an hour and a half to be picked up.  While we waited I watched shuttle after shuttle from Park N Go pick up people.  Park N Go Port Everglades only should get you there.  I paid with my AMEX and it is refundable up to a certain point.  Can't remember what point right now.

  10. 1.  Regretfully formal nights are getting more and more informal.  It is supposed to be a night the whole family dresses up and a lot of families have formal pictures taken that evening.  There are has been some discussion that cruisers are seeing even shorts on formal night.

    2.  You take your luggage to a porter before you enter the terminal.  It is really an easy process.  It is recommended that you keep a bag with your jewelry, meds and electronics and maybe your bathing suit and change of clothes to carry on to the ship.  Don't forget to NOT pack your passport/birth certificates on your luggage you leave with the porter.  It will be delivered to your stateroom.  Most evenings by 5pm.  We usually only carry off one bag and get the rest from the pick up point off the ship.  I just read a post that someone had their luggage stolen and was only paid $300 from Royal for their loss so it's up to you whether you carry it off.

    3.  Tips are included in your beverage package but I know that some cruisers tip above that to those who really provide excellent service.

    4.  They charge your account daily for the tips, if you didn't pre-pay them.  I like to pre-pay ours so our credit card bill isn't quite as high after the cruise has ended.  In fact, I try to pay as much as possible before we get on the ship.  All our shore excursions are paid for, drink packages, tips on the ship and I also pay for our parking before we even get there. We are scheduled for December and our parking has been paid for a couple of months.

    5.  There is always something going on somewhere on the ship so she really doesn't have to spend anytime in the room except changing clothes and sleeping.  I love to play trivia and play a lot of it on the ship.  I love to read so I usually take a book and find a quiet place on the deck someplace and read for a while each day ( and usually fall asleep 😴)

    6.  Dressing for specials nights is optional.  It does make it more fun for you but the decision is yours.

    7.  There are multiple pools on most ships. The ones with the solarium have a pool and hot tubs for cruisers over 16.  There will be other pools, not kiddie pools, that your children can use.  

    8.  There are hangers in your room and if you need more ask the steward for more.  There is a retractable clothesline for across the shower.  I usually pack a few clothes pins to hang our wet clothes.  The magnets come in handy to hand your lanyard with your card, your hat, your sweater, etc.  Also, a lot of people take post it notes to leave notes for the kids to let them know where you are or they can leave a note for you.

    9.  I believe that 3 days is too close to sailing date to make any purchases thru the cruise planner.  You could try calling RCI and see if you can sign up for Royal Up on the phone.


    Hope you find this helpful.  Enjoy your cruise.  You are there to have fun and relax.

  11. We did Stingray City Experience Plus Two Snorkeling Stops provide by Captain Marvin's last October.  Absolutely loved it.  The snorkeling was wonderful, not the big groups booked thru the ship and when we were at Stingray City our host gave us feed for the Stingrays.  Would definitely do it again!  Found them on Trip Advisor.

  12. Hi All,  We are booked on Allure of the Seas for the Holiday Cruise and we have 3 Central Park Balcony Cabin.  We booked them thru a travel agent-first and last time with that one,  took a while for them to get the cabin numbers lined up with the correct families.  Anyway, when I made the reservations 16 months ago she they that the reservation includes 2 lunches per cabin at Johnny Rockets and a bottle of red wine.  Now I am seeing that you have a choice of a couple of restaurants for lunch?  Can anyone shed some light on this subject?  I don't want to ask the travel agent because not sure they  know what is happening.  Thanks for any info anyone can share.

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