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  1. When our kids come with us we always get 2 cabins, so bring 4 bottles. Funny thing is I carry all 4 in my backpack and security doesn't question it. The person running the x-ray machine has no idea that I have 2 cabins yet they never say a word, I always find that odd.
  2. Doing both in May! I'm pretty sure I'm going to enjoy Navigator more based on what I've seen!
  3. I rented a Beach Bed for my May 10th Navigator sailing and also noticed South Beach will be where the Beds/Bungalows were. Wonder if they're still there and will be relocated later or have already been relocated? Love the old location having the bar right there and that section of beach only for people who rented one.
  4. I received my Royal Up bids approximately 60 and 40 days out for my 2 upcoming cruises. Seems there's no rhyme or reason to them.
  5. I usually order Mich Ultra or Bud Light, they both come in aluminum cans.
  6. I bid on a Panoramic Suite (up from an awesome pie shaped Panoramic cabin 1864) for my May Mariner sailing but with only 2 of those I know that won't come through. I also bid on an Owners Suite (up from a Grand Suite) for my May Navigator sailing, On that one there is still Owners Suites available so although I don't expect that one either, that would be nice! We are celebrating our 25th anniversary so if that one came through it would be really special!
  7. I agree, I was super impressed with Sabor on Freedom, but didn't have the same experience on Oasis. I liked it, but enjoyed the atmosphere on Freedom much better. They will likely replace it with Playmakers, which I think will suit the Boardwalk better.
  8. A TA friend of mine just read on CC that there’s major damage to the azipods. I haven’t had a chance to look it up, but that was my biggest fear.
  9. I look forward to some pictures! I will be on Navigator on May 10th, can't wait!
  10. I sure will! My kids are 16 & 20 (see why I book them their own cabin!). I think that HUGE window will make it all worth while!
  11. I've never stayed in one either (usually get 2 balconies) but when one was available for my upcoming Mariner sailing I jumped on it. It's a short sailing so we're all (4 of us) going to stay in it together vs 2 cabins. I was lucky that 1864 was available as it's the only "pie shaped" Panoramic Cabin and it's priced the same as the "regular" ones. The same cabin on the starboard side is an accessible cabin, which I was able to check out on a previous sailing since I had a friend staying in it. It was really nice with amazing views!
  12. We did it through Royal last year when there was a decent sale. Now that I've been to St. Martin a couple of times I think I'd feel comfortable to catch a cab there. It was pretty cool since it's such a famous place, had lunch at the Sunset Bar then hung out on the beach for awhile. That day there were only 2 ships in port so it wasn't terribly busy, last month when we went there was 7 ships, I wouldn't have went near it with that many ships in port! So that may be something to look at as well.
  13. Is this where the Oasis AMP is scheduled later this year? Could impact the timing of that?
  14. After watching the video of the procedure they used on Allure, the crane could be the least of their problems. There could be tremendous damage to the azipods and where they mount to the hull if the ships weight came down on them. This could potentially be a very long repair.
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