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  1. BTW, we got the same one again for that May cruise! Was once again a Perfect Day! It was a bit of a walk to the pool and the Snack Shack.....but I was able to do it! LOL!
  2. When you purchase them you need to specify the delivery date. I assume as long as that date is embarkation day the stateroom attendant will put them up. I never thought twice about it, I just assumed that would be the case.....and it was.
  3. I pre-purchased birthday decorations in February and anniversary decorations in May. February was a balcony stateroom and May was a suite. Both times the decorations were hung up when we went to the cabin on embarkation day.
  4. There is a 2 day Indy sailing in May that goes to Perfect Day. I am very tempted to book it so my kids can check it out (I felt SO guilty going there without them!). This is the only way my older daughter could see it for 2 years due to nursing school beginning next month.
  5. The Deluxe Package does not include Starbucks, but yes you can order drinks in the main dining room as well as specialty restaurants as well that will be covered.
  6. We found the pizza very good on Oasis in February. Sailed on Mariner and Navigator in May and I believe it was about the same. Seems to taste even better the later it gets and the more you exercise the Deluxe Drink Package too!
  7. I head up an annual group cruise and many of our travelers use power chairs, scooters and stay in accessible cabins. I have never heard of anyone being able to drop off anything early.
  8. In May I sailed on Mariner and Navigator. All my drinks were covered with the DX at The Bamboo Room on Mariner, but was charged $1 on Navigator. Didn't bother me, but I found it odd.
  9. Congratulations @Matt, great to see your hard work recognized!
  10. I am a firefighter and get 360 hours of PTO (we work 24 hour shifts so that's 15 days). Since I work every 3rd day, if I take 2 vacation days that's 8 days off. We also get what they call Kelly Days which is a day off every 6 weeks, so that's 8 more days a year. We choose our days off by seniority and I've been there for 19 years, so I never have a problem getting the days I need.
  11. We do this as well, guest services will happily give you an extra key for each stateroom.
  12. Yes on my sailing (the April 3 day) it lists those as the perks, however on a cruise cabin site (honestly can't remember which one) there was a notation that 3-5 night sailings had the $30 OBC vs the lunch. Figured someone may have experience with this, there was just a 3 day Harmony in May. Like I said, no big deal, just curious.
  13. I just read somewhere that 3-5 night sailings do not qualify for the complimentary lunch but instead you receive a $30 OBC. Does anyone one know if this is correct? Not a big deal really, just like to know what to expect.
  14. Been there 4 times and never had a problem.
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