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  1. I had the Unlimited Dining on Navigator last month, yes if a restaurant is open you can dine there. We stayed onboard in Nassau and had lunch at Jamie's Italian.
  2. I chatted with him on Navigator last month. Saw him eating breakfast in Chops every morning with some of his fellow Pinnacle Club friends. This was the sailing that he celebrated his 8,000th cruise point on!
  3. Great video, thanks for the memories! We got off the ship the day you boarded!
  4. Yup, it's complimentary! It's all you see people eating on the pool deck! lol
  5. Sugar Free Red Bull and Tito's is my go to drink onboard. Every bar I went to on Oasis, Mariner & Navigator recently had it.
  6. Last month we sailed on Mariner and Navigator. At The Bamboo Room we were charged $1 extra for the On The Run drink on Navigator but not Mariner. Thought it was odd, lol.
  7. If you call they should allow you to book him the Refreshment Package. You have to call, you can not do this online. 18% gratuity will be added to the price of any of the drink packages. You can buy one device Voom if you'd like. Only one device can be logged in at a time, but you can log out and your husband can then log in.
  8. On my last 2 sailings I simply used the app to show the Set Sail pass. Since everyone's pass on the reservation shows in the app, if someone else in your party has the package you can order the drinks and just swipe to the appropriate persons pass for them to "charge" it.
  9. We splurged on 4 passports at the end of last year. We are cruising more now so it made sense and the peace of mind now is great! Plus my daughter will be going to London in a couple of weeks so obviously she needed one regardless.
  10. I'm really thinking about that 2 day just to take my kids to Perfect Day! My wife and I went last month and I felt bad about not bringing them, the 2 day would work well with their school/college schedule.
  11. Night 2 will be Dress your best, which is basically formal night.
  12. My daughter's dropped into the water as she was boarding the ship in Roatan a couple years years ago. My kids were alone as we stayed off the ship and sent them back alone. She had no ID with her (she's a minor and was with her 18 y/o sister), security verified she was supposed to be there and then sent her to Guest Services.
  13. There was an area with several hammocks and I rarely saw anyone using them.
  14. I was on Mariner on the day Perfect Day opened and could see the fireworks as we sailed back towards Miami. I was wondering where on earth the fireworks could be coming from then realized it when I later saw that they had fireworks on the evening of opening day.
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