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  1. 1. Australia 2. Alaska 3. Hawaii Would like to spend a couple of weeks in Australia.
  2. LOL Im always looking at stuff everyday and going over lists with my wife...She might strangle me before we even leave. LOL
  3. Our first cruise will be this August on Liberty!
  4. I believe the Pina Colada and strawberry daiquiri mixed is called a Miami Vice. My buddy has been telling me non stop I have to try one!
  5. The only person I dress to impress is my wife...if she thinks dressing formal is appropriate and she is going to "get dolled up" for dinner then youre damn right Im going to dress nice. Otherwise I would rather be comfortable and I quit caring about what others think about me a LONG time ago. Life is so much better when you mind your own business and just live your own life. If everyone would worry about them, get a job and mind their own business well.....that would fix 90% of the world today.
  6. Stupid question, when purchasing the photo package only 1 passenger in the stateroom needs to purchase it correct?
  7. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/getting-started This has loads of info regarding RCL and should answer many questions. But everyone here is happy to answer any question you may have! Welcome to the forum!
  8. We paid 46pp per day during the Memorial Day sale on our Liberty cruise. Cheapest Ive seen it.
  9. That sounds much more my speed LOL. Thanks for the info!
  10. I have no problem paying the overage, I just didnt know if we would have a better experience doing the group setting or just relaxing at the bar and trying some.
  11. If you have the UDP does it cover wine at vintages? Was looking at this but we also have the UDP package so I didnt know if we could just go try different wines on our own.
  12. What just a minute......there is going to be other people on the ship??? 😀
  13. I will for sure! This is our first ever cruise for both of us. We are celebrating wifes birthday and our anniversary which are 3 days apart.
  14. We are key holders for Liberty in August. Guess we shall find out!
  15. I was just curious because if everyone buys it then it defeats the purpose of me purchasing it.
  16. We thought about trying Chefs Table but Im a little bit of a picky eater. Not big on some of the fruits and veggies and any type of bean in the world is BLAH.. LMAO Not sure if it would be worth it for me. Unless you all think it would be and Ill book it right meow!
  17. We bought the passport cards with our passports just because our state is not Real ID compliant and it doesnt look like that will ever happen (Oklahoma)....So the card makes airline travel and getting into a federal building possible. I never thought about carrying it off the ship instead of the Passport. Thanks for the suggestion!
  18. We paid ours when we booked the cruise. Of course I plan on bringing some extra cash that will go to dining staff and our Room attendant.
  19. Does anyone know how many Key packages they are selling per sailing? I heard it was limited to 100-200 people?
  20. I always wear jeans and a t shirt around the house and have never even tried on a Tux lol. But Ill be rocking one on our cruise because my wife will get more enjoyment out of it than anything else.
  21. This might have already been answered but where would you recommend staying overnight in Galveston before a cruise?
  22. Years ago we changed door handles and locks on the house. Most handles unlock when you open the door but this one would open and leave the lock in place. Walked out in the backyard one early morning in my underwear to let the dog out. Shut the door and bam, no phone or anything. Nobody else was home. Had to walk to the neighbors and call my wife to let me back in the house. Changed the lock that afternoon! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  23. Just out of curiosity, what would they have done if you didnt have your passport on you? I hear of people leaving their passport on the ship and was just curious.
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