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  1. What’s up. For hours website saying it has decided to take a vacation. Any insight?
  2. We did several cruises to nowhere out of New York/Brooklyn and loved them. Wish the policy could be changed https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Customs-says-cruises-to-nowhere-were-never-legal
  3. @twangster Restrictive and ridiculous. Guess it was a blessing in disguise that I couldn't reserve. Hopefully, it will be changed before I sail.
  4. Won't let me reserve for our January 6, 2019 Anthem sailing. Restarted computer and even tried incognito. Grrrrr. SELECTION NOT AVAILABLE Your selection is currently not available. Please try with a different search option. View All Spa & Fitness
  5. Where and when can we book this for the Anthem sailing January 6, 2019. TIA
  6. Stay safe and follow recommendations from authorities. Things can be replaced. You are irreplaceable. Sending prayers.
  7. @FlowBro Ty Thanks for sharing. Been there several times but it never gets 'old.'
  8. @monctonguy Good luck. We're also waiting for a deep discount on drink package. Since we're sailing in January, we might have to wait until Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Hope springs eternal.
  9. January 6, 2019 Anthem of the Seas 12N Southern Caribbean. Looking forward to heading south in the winter.
  10. This may be a dumb question. If a TA is handling your reservation, would you still get an upgrade offer directly from RC?
  11. @June May Congrats on your new "unencumbered" life. Enjoy !!! Hope you make lots of new friends and have an amazing cruise. Cheers.
  12. Other than diet Coke, are there any other diet options available at bars, e.g., vodka and diet tonic/diet sprite?
  13. @fonemanbob I joined this blog a short time ago and it has been a happy and informative experience. We have always booked directly with cruise lines since our first in 1994, but after reading the positive comments about MEI, it was a no-brainer to move our current reservation to them. And that was before they worked a miracle for @alamode123 . Michelle C has been extremely accommodating and was even able to move our "way past the 60-day mark" reservation to MEI. We anticipate a great relationship going forward.
  14. @KathyC aka KathLuvsGH You'll love cruising the Med. Rome to the port of Civitavecchia is at least an hour, and could be more depending on traffic. However, there is a train. London to the port of Southampton is about 90 minutes plus, depending on traffic. I didn't like sailing out of Southampton, just my personal opinion. No special reason. The port of Barcelona is less than 30 minutes from the airport. Lovely city with easy visits to Las Ramblas, the Black Madonna (Montserrat), La Sagrada Familia and much more. Paella is amazing. We've sailed from the above three ports with visits to Florence, Naples, Venice, Nice, Marseilles, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Paris, Scotland, Ireland, Croatia and Greece. Never had a problem with language or safety. My husband and I got by with our high school Italian, Spanish and French. Whatever cruise you choose, you'll have an amazing time. Gail
  15. I see that the best time to book is early December or take advantage of the Black Friday sales. I'm booked for January 2019, so I will be paid in full by Black Friday. How will that affect my rate? Will I still be able to get a reduced fare if available or once paid in full,am I done. Thanks.
  16. I second Honfleur, a lovely, quaint town. If you're there on a Saturday, be sure to visit the market.
  17. We did our first Med cruise on the Brilliance in 2004. Love her. You'll have a wonderful time.
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