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  1. Agree - I've been on 6 cruises and couldn't have told you the name of the Captain, Cruise Director, or any other "main" crew when I got off any of them. Still remember some of the dining room staff and cabin steward names from trips in the 1990s, though. The people we interact with are the ones that are memorable.
  2. If you're in North Carolina, and New Jersey is your "closest port," you're doing it wrong! Baltimore is on the way to New Jersey for Tar Heels. Charleston isn't much closer than Baltimore for us but Norfolk would be great.
  3. Scooters are (almost) everywhere. Accessibility is not an issue.
  4. A prep cook who used to be tasked with chopping up the lettuce for the Caesar salads realized that the tedious effort could be eliminated and suggested the wedge as a "time saver" for the kitchen.
  5. Welcome - lots of great information here from lots of folks with many cruise experiences.
  6. If I am served French toast the consistency of bread pudding, it will immediately be sent back to be properly cooked. French toast should be firm (but not dry), bread pudding should be soft (but not soggy).
  7. December Cruise Compass will give you a pretty decent idea of what to expect in May. General activities don't change much. If the last one available was a couple years old, that would be a different story.
  8. Was not the case in September 2016 on Liberty.
  9. If looking for 14 nights, back-to-back New England and Bermuda on Grandeur would be a good option.
  10. I think the concern is with the period of time while within the borders of Maryland/Virginia after leaving port, rather than while still in port. Definitely something I'm interested in since we are sailing Grandeur in October. With an afternoon sailing time, the entire first evening/night could be impacted.
  11. Our experience has been that wine tastings are on sea days. We almost always add this when it becomes available in the Cruise Planner.
  12. If sticking together is the most important factor, just try getting in whichever line is shorter. If they "can't" join you in the shorter Platinum line, join them in the regular line. Vacation together start to finish.
  13. Rule of thumb for elevators on the ships - if going up three decks or less, the stairs will usually be faster - if going down less than six decks, the stairs will usually be faster - exceptions are between 2:00 and 6:00 a.m. and in port as long as you avoid the first and last hour
  14. You just have to ask! No kids required at the table to get a kids menu.
  15. Book it now so you have a good selection of times. Even on port days, your preferred time may still be one of the most popular times.
  16. Previous cruises showed up for me on my second successful login (after adding my C&A number to the account on the first pass).
  17. Looks and sounds like RCI wants their island to be more like Disney's. CocoCay has to keep up with Castaway Cay as a place to visit.
  18. My sons and I have played shuffleboard after midnight on multiple cruises.
  19. That would be in your C&A account preferences, not your RCI account.
  20. On the contrary - I prepare for the increased opportunities to eat by upping my caloric intake leading up to the trip. Stretch the stomach a little ahead of time so that it doesn't rebel at the sudden significant increase in volume.
  21. Ships with the Freestyle machines make the "soda" package worth so much more! PowerAde is great to have on hot days and flavored water just adds some interest to keeping hydrated. After experiencing the Freestyle ships, the package was disappointing when not available.
  22. Stop by Park Café to pick up your salad then take the kids to Sorrentos.
  23. On three different 7 night cruises between 1998 and 2003, the "midnight buffet" was only at midnight 4 nights. First night was at 11:00 or 11:30, Chocolate Buffet was open for eating at 12:30 (after an 11:30 "viewing opportunity" for early dinner seating guests and 12:00 for late seating), and the last night of the cruise was at 11:30. "What time does the midnight buffet start?" was a legitimate question for those who didn't read the Cruise Compass.
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