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  1. Interesting. No e-mail yet - but am ready to find out!
  2. Reasonable price for hotel stay, parking, and cruise transfer at the Airport/Cruise Port Marriott Fairfield Inn. Had good experience in late November with return mid-December.
  3. Copies of proof of OBC - especially from Travel Agent and from Shareholder credit.
  4. Just left a B2B, and turnaround time on shore was 20 minutes. Easy process, with nice dining room lunch at large tables with others who on B2B.
  5. Nobody on Vision would admit to staffing issues, but the fact that there was nobody to cover for the missing waiter seems to indicate staffing issues. The assistant waiter was brand new and untrained, but did his very best. Others helped out, but service really suffered. Also, not enough tables were open during dining room lunches to properly handle the volume, which suggests the same issue.
  6. We just got off the Vision of the Seas - 10 days followed by 11 days. To put these comments in perspective, we have been on 35 RCL cruises and know what to expect. Most areas of the ship were acceptable or better, but the food and service were abysmal! We also know how to complain in private and in a manner seeking results. We discussed issues with four tiers of management, but with no results until day eight of the second cruise! At that point service was impeccable! Dining room issues included: no assigned waiter (told he had back issues, but led to believe Covid), cold food, burned chicken entree, missed courses, wrong entree delivered several times, table not cleared after courses, raw fish entree, incredibly slow service - and many other issues. The Windjammer often had only one side open, dramatically slowing service, along with quality issues. The one bright spot for us was Chops, but we also talked to a husband and wife who waited 35 minutes after seating without having their order taken; they left, although we do not know if they attempted to resolve the issue. Many diners were not pleased with dining room service - and were openly discussing. One surprising bright spot was room service, which was always on time with correct orders! Is this a "one off", or has anyone else experience such a disaster on the Vision?
  7. Have been through similar at the Port of Tampa, but not to the extent described above. Agree that all parties involved should work toward a solution!!
  8. On a cruise at the moment, and if there was a medical emergency (which could be me or Significant Other) I certainly would want Royal to do "whatever if takes" to resolve the issue. Have seen at least eighteen re-routes or evacuations over the years. Royal and other cruise lines should continue to put passengers' well-being out front.
  9. Am currently on ship, and unfortunately agree - food quality is down. Have compared to recent cruises on Holland America and Carnival - both offered better food. This would have been hard to believe a couple of years ago, but we have felt this on last two RCL cruises.
  10. Leaving Friday, and just got notice of an "onboard upgrade review." Anybody had success with this? Would like to have hope. Thanks.
  11. Print a "hard copy" of your proof and take it with you on the cruise. Should there be issues, concierge or purser's office can solve the issue - when you present proof in writing.
  12. Some nearby "private" parking lots will take reservations. They use shuttles and cost about one-half the price. The downside is waiting for shuttles can be an issue at the end of the cruise.
  13. Have done both types of parking - either works well, so the decision might come down to convenience/ease or price (almost double to park at terminal).
  14. Sent e-mail (with blacked-out statements scanned) along with form. Positive response in one day for back-to- back cruises in December.
  15. Tours in Cabo: 120+ choices on Expedia. Traveling Mike's suggestions sound good, too.
  16. Agree with WAAAYTOO. We had similar experiences, a while back, on sister line Celebrity - the hotel director delegated to the #2 person. She resolved all issues and added a couple of perks and some FCC. Problems cannot be fixed if they do not know about them!
  17. Reminder: neither Royal nor Carnival pay dividends.
  18. Matt's blog today shared the good news that no pre-departure testing now necessary - except for Columbia, Haiti, and Honduras (Roatan). The blog stated that if a RCL cruise visits these countries, not fully vaccinated must test. The question that seems unclear: no testing needed for fully vaccinated? One of our December cruises stops in Cartagena, Columbia. Insight appreciated!
  19. We have recently taken HA to Alaska. Things to remember: as we understand it, HA holds permanent permits to enter Glacier Bay (National Park), and only four large ships are allowed entry per day - and HA has two of these slots. Additionally, National Park rangers join the ship while in the Park, and are available to answer questions and point out sights, plus have literature, photos, and other memorabilia available! To make a long story short, these rights hark back to the founder of the tour division of the company. Some of the on-board lectures and films are fascinating. Additionally, multiple tours can extend seven-day cruises in increments up to 18 days. Train tour segments are also available. Downside: limited production shows and cabarets, plus a generally a mature clientele. Food, in our experience, was outstanding, and the beverage/excursion/upgraded dining/wi-fi package very reasonably priced. We are D+ on Royal and still are loyal, but surely did enjoy Holland. Carnival Corporation owns Carnival, Holland, Princess, others and does have a shareholder program to obtain on board credit, in line with Royal's offering.
  20. To repeat prior statements, Matt's comment about pricing is also true for tours. If the price drops, cancel and re-book! There can be significant price differences on tours.
  21. Suggestion: try calling the Port of Canaveral. (321) 783-7831.
  22. One note about Labadee: friends had an expensive camera stolen after turning away for "just a minute". We all realize that this can happen anywhere, but extra caution may be necessary on this island.
  23. Anybody eaten at the famous "Varsity" drive in - Atlanta ? Credit cards ONLY. No money accepted.
  24. We leave Boston Sunday on the Voyager - headed north. Scheduled Tuesday in Halifax and Thursday in Saint John, NB. plus other ports coming and going. Fiona is projected to visit Halifax Saturday, mostly with heavy winds and some rain. So far no itinerary changes scheduled, but skipping ports would not be a surprise.
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