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  1. Could be wrong ( probably am lol ) but the Wording for above is Transitting IN a private vehicle, to me this would relate to people such as HGV drivers.
  2. You got rid of Harry and Meghan! in my opinion that should give you preferential treatment over all other countries lol
  3. https://metro.co.uk/2021/08/21/virgin-voyages-scarlet-lady-cruise-ship-review-decks-and-docks-and-rocknroll-15128510/
  4. I read a report on the scarlet lady sailing by some journalist onboard! Sounded good until they reported you had to pay to open the sex toy box in your cabin( no joke )
  5. Even though its just a US territory PR comes under CDC control so same rules apply there with regards travel. I'm booked for March out of PR so havent a clue whats going to happen! Have looked at other cruises but not the same cruising the Baltic in March when its cold and wet compared to the Caribbean
  6. Cant fly to US from UK for leisure purposes and no word when it will be allowed. Last reports had biden office saying it may be possible to open up for EU visitors but not UK....i guess he has issues with his English cousins lol
  7. Same here in UK. It wouldn't surprise me US borders were still closed for my cruise in March.
  8. Not sure if this has been asked previously. there have been incidents where people have tested positive for Covid while onboard and have been medivaced off the ship. RC have implemented measures including private transfer by charter jet to get them home, now my question is what if its a person from North America sailing in Europe or a European sailing in the Caribbean! Are these measures still in place?
  9. Cant be the UK! My daughter works in a Hospital for the NHS and they are tested every week without fail.
  10. Under 18s can be vaccinated in the UK. 16 and 17 yr olds can be vaccinated if they wish and vaccine has just been approved for 12yrs and above.
  11. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2021-08-greece-fully-vaccinated-covid-death.html Obviously governments are concerned about the delta variant and the possibility of new strains in the future which is why boosters have been mentioned by various governments.
  12. Latest rules for Italy For anyone travilling to Italy ?? ALL UK citizens must self isolate for 5 days on arrival even if vaccinated. US travelers if vaccinated are ok as long as every other box is ticked even which airline you fly!
  13. As mentioned on another thread Italy has along with some other European countries introduced legislation that everyone ( local and tourist ) must have proof they are fully vaccinated which is uploaded to an App and shown along with ID to be able enter any premises ( cafe, restaurants, theatres, shops etc etc etc ) No App No Entry
  14. Another vote for this tour If you go with this ask for the Mailman as tour guide. Great tour even better rum punch
  15. You could do what i have done! Book a week in a 5 star hotel thats actually a very big yacht that doesnt move lol that way you get the feeling of being on a cruise without actually cruising Sunborn hotel in Gibraltar
  16. It may change by May 2022 (probably will )but if not make sure you have Italian governments proof of vacination Green App downloaded so you are allowed to enter premises such as cafes etc.
  17. News article today regarding the Italian Governments new "Green Pass " legislation. Basically if anyone ( local or tourist) wants to do anything while in Italy even enter a cafe then you have to show green pass app and photo ID. Green pass app is to show proof of vaccine! No App No Entry.
  18. 100% correct I mean why should we worry about or test children or healthy looking people just to see if they have the virus but are not showing any symptoms! its not as if a healthy person or child carrying any virus can pass it on to others who may not be vaccinated! Yes the above is sarcasm!!!!! Also if some are not being tested then those that are would probably complain, say they are being victimised and contact their lawyers
  19. He has a title which is ancient, before devolution of the home countries. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/boris-johnson-coronavirus-lockdown-uk-scotland-sturgeon-wales-northern-ireland-a9507946.html His title may say UK but as i have mentioned previously scottish rules are different to English, just as are Welsh and Northern Irish. Boris has NO say in these countries
  20. As someone once said " statistics are like mini skirts! Nice to look at but hide the most important parts!" Uk had the Euro football championship so lots of people out mixing and drinking causing a sharp rise in figures. England also had the "Pingdemic" this is where the track and trace app was pinging 1000s of people telling them they had been in close contact and they had to isolate, when in fact it was an error, Due to these issues with app 1000s deleted it thus meaning less people are getting pinged to get tested meaning less positve results LASTLY Boris johnson cancelled all measures in england NOT the UK, UK is made up of 4 seperate countries and Boris ONLY governs England It would be like me saying Florida has to follow Texas law because it all the US or the US follow Canada laws because its all north America, fortunately i know my geography and other cultures
  21. You can only enter if you are on a private jet chartered by Rita Ora going to las Vegas for a 48 hr bender!!!! For the rest of us we have to wait for the US to lift their border controls which is hopefully soon ( or at least before match lol )
  22. Hopefully this works both ways so we can enter US without the need for quarantine
  23. This rule only applies to England! As i have mentioned previously UK has different governments and different Covid rules and regulations. Cant comment about onboard but If you are able to dock in Scotland masks must still be worn while indoors in shops, bars etc
  24. Now its common Knowledge that the unvaccinated are more likely to catch covid than the vaccinated,the seriousness of any virus obviously depends on the health of the individual. But lets say on a ship with 90% unvaccinated and an outbreak occurs because that 90 % for whatever reason have decided against the vaccine, what happens to the 10% vaccinateds cruise? Cut short? Loss of money for flights etc? CDC comes down hard again? Its a mask! Do i like wearing it? No!! But i look at the bigger picture! England has dropped all regulations and cases and deaths are rising ( highest numbers since January) more cases means our hospitals are overwhelmed again thus resulting in people requiring non covid ops having to wait. Now yes everyone has a choice get vaccinated or not but every company or government has the same choice in what they decide to do with regards wearing masks, said from day 1 whatever the rules are you follow them and if you aint happy you dont go.
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