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  1. this was royals policy for years but they dropped this counterproductive profit raising effrort after they realized it hurt them financially
  2. ah yes true but as we have seen here on the forum many are opting not to buy this expensive package at all costing the hotel bottom line a fortune I can only imagine I suspect when royal sits down and thinks this through they will see that the profit margin in alcohol is huge and one thing for sure from my experience when I cruise without the deluxe package I buy far fewer drinks staying well below the daily cost of the drink package I would suggest that royal do what they did in the past and drop this everybody buys or no one buys and concentrate on finding ways to detect the cheaters and punishing them by there standing penalty of revoking there paid for deluxe package immediately with no refund enforce it and it will work BUT I have never seen them enforce this penalty on any cruise I have been on.I believe that most cruisers are honest and realize that by sharing they are stealing and would opt for doing the right thing I understand that the other lines do it is the standard answer but that definitely is not the answer in an industry that requires one to be better than the other to survive royal needs to stop looking for ways to sour the cruise experience and concentrate on making the experience irresistible and punishing the cheaters one final note I have found believe it or not there are people out there that don't realize that it is cheating to share a drink package as is evident by some of the questions I have seen asked on the forums remember one bad apple ruins the barrel but don't punish the rest of us who follow the rules especially when in reality you are just shooting yourself in the financial foot just my humble opinion
  3. never here either would think santa could come just once
  4. I use magnets on every cruise I buy the sets of 9 or 6 they have hooks also that I use to hang up pajamas shirts on and one I keep all the cruise compass up and off the tables 6 is enough if I'm traveling alone 9 if my kids are with me I couldn't get by without them now that I started when I pack I put them back in the box and leave them in my suitcase with my bungee cords so I don't forget them you can get them on amazon search cruise accesories
  5. oh yes I remember these haven't seen them in a long time all that remains is the typical hotel beg letters
  6. bob I totally agree I believe what royal calls gratuities is in fact all about the bottom line and is used to pay a large portion of the crews salaries not in addition to there salaries sorry I'm asuch a pessimist please forgive the spelling and yes I agree the general fund is most likely where it goes
  7. Joe and Family thank you once again for the time and effort you put into this fabulous account of your travels .As for sea days I look so forward to them I love the ships even when I was on my first I found so much adventure in these floating cities to be fair when my uncle was alive he owned an 83 foot island hopper and I cruised often the islands such as martenique grenada and Barbados it has always fascinated me the sea life I love the open ocean even having a huge whale scratch himself on the keel for 20 minutes or so it astounded me when I realized how small and insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things. I love the ports don't care much for sand but it has become a thing of mine to try to meet the locals and get there viewpoints of life in general I often spend much time on the lifeboat deck 4 or 5 listening to the healing sounds of the sea going by and many times especially in the heat of the summer will stay on the ship especially at labadee or like ports just to enjoy the grandeur of these magnificent ships and all they offer. Sailing was my goal in life but was cut short by my uncles passing and the sale of the magnificent yacht Sorrento. Your picture treasures are so detailed it brought back so many memories I had of the good times in the BWI bars and magnificent scenery and color changes I shared with my kids. I have learned to so to say wake up and live it all again while there is time on my next cruise in OCT I will open my eyes again peak my senses now that I come to realize that for the most part on my cruises I had taken the been there done that attitude. Thank you once again for the great blog and helping me to bring back the wonder
  8. I love your style of writing with the vids gave me a good laugh hope to see more would love to see a live blog
  9. OMG Toyman its great to know I am not the only one on this forum with a twisted sense of humor when I read this post I immediately thought of telling them there was a supply of them on the helicopter deck where they store them LOL
  10. OUCH I have to wait till Oct 1 the shakes are setting in wish I could just nap till then
  11. Thank-you Joe and family for taking me on your wonderful first Cruise I truly felt like I was there with you your photos were outstanding and the narration was even better I will never forget the site of the pidgeons and will actively seek this out for my girls in nov in OSJ once again thank-you Joe and Family for a second shot at having another First Cruise an experience I thought I lost in time PS I love the two birds my daughter frequently expresses this sentiment when my camera comes out
  12. I don't care if these cost a little for me to be able to have food like this after a night in the casino is a great thing now royal could give out credits for free food too the gamers rather then free drinks it would be fine with me plus you get a 795 disc unless they charge the stated prices plus 18%
  13. I have always carried my passport with me without it you could find yourself at the mercy of senior law enforcement believe it or not the only problem I have ever had was on labadee with there secret police ha ha just kidding he was there customs I guess he thought I was being smart with him when he wanted to look under my wheel chair bound 13 yr old daughters butt I made some comment don't even remember what I said and I got the dreaded do you think this is a joke speech well I quickly appoligized and we were on our way I have a feeling this could have gotten much worse in the future I believe I will try the passport on the phone method after I clear it with US customs after my next port visit
  14. i wish I knew how to contact him and tell him how much his gesture meant to my daughter and my family my daughter still talks about him and the fabulous new years eve cruise we had
  15. if I had to choose it would be Otto Bang capt of the Liberty he was so kind taking my wheelchair bound daughter for a personal tour of the ship
  16. I am quite sure we can chalk this up to someones poor judgement there have been fortunately few examples of this fortunately no one appears to have been injured the Concordia is an example of poor judgement by a very experienced individual unfortunately some times the oops factor just wins out over dum luck or mega experience
  17. nope highly doubtful it was the captain mostly likely the harbor pilot msc has way to much experience to be at fault
  18. HA HA HA I too also use my clint eastwood face works everytime
  19. when I was on the O in nov there was no charge but with the trending changes to Royals policies there could be in the future I didn't even find this buffet till the last day of our cruise my next time on this ship I will use this area a lot food was same as the wind jammer
  20. I just got off the phone with CR they researched my benefits I had a very helpful young man who compared my rate on my upcoming 2 cruises in oct and nov 18 he said I was getting a great rate on oct the brilliance and he could not offer me better my nov cruise he saved me a whopping 13.00 but I took it its more money to gamble with he then told me I have the waiver for both sailings of the 5% which is important to me but then he told me I was on a list for both cruises which is given to the pit boss to keep his eye on me and my gambling habits for drink certificates and other casino benefits he was not specific what other means but last cruise in January on indy I had the 5% waiver so I guess I will have to wait and see what this list is I don't have a clue it is a shame they cant come up with a simple rating system instead of this BS cruise on my friends
  21. Twangster your photos are incredible I just love them
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