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  1. Is there a charge for dinner service in the Solarium Bistro on Oasis?
  2. I couldn't agree more about how bad Sorrentos is.It amazes me that Royal Caribbean can be so consistently good at everything else but so consistently bad at something as basic as pizza.
  3. Where are the muster drills held on Oasis class ships?
  4. How far in advance of a cruise can I order a drink package in Cruise Planner ?
  5. Can drink packages be used at these stops or are they only valid onboard?
  6. Are tips included in price of drink packages or are they added per drink purchased?
  7. What are advantages of booking next cruise while onboard....are deposits reduced?
  8. Are these open on embarkation or is the Windjammer the only option right after you board?
  9. Will Royal Caribbean adjust prices before final payment is made
  10. Does cruise line issue luggage tags prior to embarkation day or are they printed by agents like airlines
  11. what is the earliest time I should expect to board freedom of the seas as a first time rccl cruiser
  12. can i take advantage of cruise price drops without losing down payment or cabin selection?
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