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  1. while it is true the perks are a little scarce at platinum and emerald there are some and your not that far from diamond it is worth the wait ask your room steward for the C+A robe they are very comfortable and the one big advantage so far for me as platinum was the check in at the port my indy cruise from ft laud this past February I walked into the big room only to see a huge amount of people waiting to check in and to my surprise I was directed to check in desk further in the room marked platinum there was no one ahead of me my check in took less then 5 mins and I was seated in a very comfortable not crowded area to await the rest of my party who are gold they stood in line for close to one hour . the jump from platinum to emerald is short making attaining diamond fairly easy I attain emerald the first day of my next cruise and on the following cruise a month later I begin to chip away to diamond .Hang in there Royal is a fantastic cruise line with few hiccups stay "loyal to royal" it will be worth it in my humble opinion
  2. hi Matt I have just contacted MEI and spoke with Michelle as I am totally ignorant on how a TA works I have asked her to baby me along which she so kindly said she would so here I go starting a new chapter in my travel book thoroughly excited about the future and thank you for steering me towards this new to me service
  3. just waiting for Michelle to call me back thank you coney for steering me corectly
  4. I have just contacted MEI for the first time and was trying to reach the Michelle you all speak about there are 2 listed can anyone give me the last of the michelle so I know who to talk to she really seems to be what I am looking for thank you
  5. all just rumor right now but stand by as has been pointed out many times on this forum all the other lines are doing it so royal is just following suit the haven msc and the ability to upgrade your experience I suspect that most of these perks will be kept on the down low to a degree to minimize hurt feelings of the unwashed who cant afford such luxuries I for one always wondered what was behind that door on 14 that many went in but few came out the plot thickens
  6. and so it begins shades of msc pay for your experience money talks BS walks
  7. I love this what we have here is a great communication ?
  8. I may be an old fossil but I prefer the older well kept up ships freedom indy liberty are my idea of a mega ship I have sailed oasis class and did not like the feeling I got we seemed to be herded everywhere we went staff was mostly tired and stressed I hated the inside balconies everytime I opened my blinds it seemed like I had an audience I love the feeling of knowing the staff on the small ship if I had my choice for favorite ship in the fleet it would be enchantment so cozy personal for the most part it has always said welcome so happy for you to be here I am on the brilliance in oct and adventure in nov this year and I am absolutely thrilled at the thought I would book the enchantment but lately she has been mired in the craziness that is the port of Miami bring her to Canaveral and I'm there I am not saying the tech on board the monster ships is not fascinating but not for me oh maybe for 3 nights just to see what its like I like to cruise traditionally and focus my activities on the port stops I love the smiling welcoming faces of customer service on the monster class I have run into the o no what does this jerk want face once to many times I love the serenity areas on the smaller ships in my experience on monster class your lucky to get a seat and the hidden buffet they serve is great if you like standing long live the small personal ships and the great cruising experience Royal has perfected over the years leave the theme parks to Disney and universal I love to cruise period yes I am older but when I started cruising I was a younger man and felt the same way I do now
  9. I have said this before I go on a seafood diet all the food I sea I eat ?
  10. ok earlier today I got criticized for predicting that in the not to distant future royal will be an all ala carte experience from embark to disembark think about it? check out the msc model
  11. this is very true pay no mind to them this is the way they are I live in a city in florida of 70000 made up of almost all new Yorkers I ignore the rude ones and seek out the nice ones after 23 years living in the "little apple"i have come to realize there is good in everyone sometimes you just have to look deeper and you will quickly learn how to tell them apart when I first moved here I picked up an Orlando paper whose lead editorial was entitled Rude Coast my town has a terrific mix of new York and southern redneck 23 years of culture clash has been a riot to watch but all in all they adapted to each other now the nyc people drive pickups and the reds have DA'S the older folks seem to be the ones who look down there noses at each other kiss you in church ad kill you at Walmart seems to hold for them but the young will straighten out this problem over time as they interact just saying
  12. I can tell you when royal will change there perks for diamond members it will be feb 2019 how do you know you may ask BECAUSE that's when I become diamond I hope they don't take away my plush crown and anchor robe my prediction before to long cruising with royal will be a total ala carte experience from boarding to disembark
  13. this was my experience to the tee I went to the desk once never to return again the rep gave me a price so over the top that I questioned if there could have been a mistake this is when the whole experience went south the rep told me that's the price I thanked her and left nextcruise is apparently a sub business overseen by royal which seems to operate on commission I will go with AAA or my royal senior vaca planner for all future cruises
  14. love the blog next time in Falmouth book the beach buggy ride with lunch ride was ok lunch was good but definitely jerk the real treat was the van ride through the real Jamaica it takes well over an hour to get there well over you will se how it really is and on the way back you will stop at a well guarded shopping mall for some shopping the poverty is incredible and right in the middle of the shanties is a mansion saw dozens of examples of this Jamaica is a fascinating place to visit but you must see it with a guide never alone
  15. this depends twice my ship freedom and indy were on pier 29 which is a long way from the ship there are courtesy shuttles that run often but central parking is a long way from the ship and I have been told there is no customer parking at 29
  16. the restriction on the package specifies stand alone starbucks are not included like the one on oasis
  17. lets keep this subject going come on casino people like me I'm trying to figure out how all this works why slots give more points then roulette etc tips I work every cruise to better myself but just realized it was necessary to introduce myself to the casino boss on my last cruise and unfortunately I noticed the pit boss staring at me and instead of realizing that was a good thing I gave him a nasty look I would be tickled if I won any certificate but I could use some tips
  18. ah it is so nice to not have such worries we lowly emeralds which I finally achieve the first night of my oct sailing will have to do for now and I know for a fact I will never be able to enjoy the mysteries of the suite lounge my income has doomed me to this fate but my booked future cruises will get me to the diamond watering hole sometime in feb 2019 for now I will deal with the luxuries Jack experienced in steerage on the titanic maybe I can meet a rich spoiled girl as he did to show me the luxuries of the suite class if not for the cruise but for an hour or so but with the spectrum now going to segregated experiences this may never happen I love the cruise life and will always enjoy it whether I have to do it from below deck or above some of us have it and some of us don't being one of the don'ts is not so bad I'm still riding the seas and for now will have to be satisfied with my deluxe plush C+A robe happy cruising to all
  19. I for one am truly saddened by this topic I never gave this a thought till I read this I love meeting people from all over the world and take great interest in sampling the food culture humor entertainment and for that matter every aspect of the area from port to returning to port ah well I guess this had to come up eventually?
  20. 90 seems a little high to me for a 3 day cruise I have a solo 5 day oct 1 on the brilliance cost me 29.00 through Royal I was on the majesty last sep as one of the hurricanes approached we came back to port Canaveral a day early we were all given one days fare onboard credit to our sea pass account which had to be used before we disembarked one day credit not on the total just the basic nightly cost a very small amount we were offered to stay on board and go with the crew out to sea to ride out the storm which I initially jumped on then the details came out the ship goes into emergency mode nothing onboard is open all remaining passengers would be herded into one wing of the ship in insides the watertight doors would be closed to other areas we would receive 3 meals a day with the crew as we came closer to Canaveral the crew was stripping all the bars and deep cleaning preparing to close down and then we were told if the storm disabled Canaveral we would be put off at an alternate port which could possibly be new York or new jersey sooooo I decided to get off especially after several crew members said that it would get very rough out where they grouped with other ships to ride out the storm I had heard such horrors of land panic going on but found none of this except backed up traffic on 95 by Daytona caused by the never ending road improvement project I live right above Daytona 23 miles that is on 95 gas was available no problem you just had to know where to look we have a large truck stop 10 miles from my house all the gas anytime before and after I asked the mgr how he was getting gas he said he was a state priority and a personal priority the problem came after and during the storm power the heat and tropical humidity almost did us in 7 days to get it back which should have taken hours not days I live on a large circle street 2/3 of the houses had power and then there was combined with the poor decision making by FPL EXECUTIVES who thought they could anticipate where the storm was going they sent all there trucks to where the storm didn't go FEMA was the biggest joke of all waited for hours to get help filled out the forms only to be turned down flat because I had homeowners insurance which is a total joke also if the house isn't wrecked you get nothing period adjusters came out quickly took pictures and measurements and uploaded the info to the office I saw them do it I waited and waited and months later I get a call while I was on my way to my next cruise they tell me the thousands of dollars damage would not be fixed because there is a special catastrophic storm deductible that I had not met which no one I have spoken to has ever heard of I could not even get the 750.00 ac fan motor that burned up while FPLwas turning power back on just a word to the wise if faced with my situation DONT turn anything on for a few hours after restoration till the power stabilizes if I face this situation again I'm staying on the ship to many headaches in the aftermath
  21. can someone tell me about the crystal blocks with the ships image are they for sale or do we have to earn them and lastly are they available for all the ships I have never seen them before
  22. wings and sweet potatoe fries WOW me thinks maybe Royal really does read the blogs and is trying to improve the WJ menu AWESOME
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