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  1. Does anyone here follow CC and know of any recent (in the past 2 weeks) updates from that thread?
  2. Joe01

    Med. Symphony B2B - July 24th to August 12th

    Looking forward to it! Definitely will help with my PCD. Symphony is great - you will love her!
  3. Just shy of 1 week now. It seems to only fade when you take your next cruise. 1 down, 49 to go!
  4. It might depend which countries the staff were from. What may be perceived as funny by one demographic may come across as rude to another. Particularly if they were European when this was an Alaskan cruise with mostly US and Canadian guests. Shame to hear that you didn't enjoy them though. It was only Topi's 3rd sailing in Alaska though, so he might not be used to the demographic yet.
  5. Welcome! Yes - this blog is much friendlier. CC is a bit like a clique. I learned that when I stopped doing the CD list there.
  6. Thanks. I totally agree. I won't begin to explain how I felt when I resigned from that list. Thank goodness Royal Caribbean Blog is a friendly community.
  7. Anybody got updates? I don't read CC anymore (they hate me so I'm staying away) so please edit the sheet with any changes that have occurred on their CD list. As for the AM list there, that is never updated, so it may be harder to get much AM updates. Please update as you cruise as well.
  8. Joe01

    Independence - 14th-28th July Med - Live(ish) Blog

    Fish and Ships is making me hungry. Now I really want to sail Indy. Enjoying the blog so far.
  9. It is, but a 12 to 18 months feels like forever.
  10. The scenery is beautiful - just don't go into the suburbs of Glasgow.
  11. Probably thinking of Symphony again for 2019 and then I can finally do Independence as a solo cruiser in 2020. Alaska will need to wait until a Voyager or Freedom Class goes there (not expecting Oasis any time soon).
  12. I don't think it will be much of a problem. Just don't expect a sunbed! It just wasn't their cup of tea.
  13. TBH, you are probably right regarding Scotland! Thanks for the link.
  14. I guess planning my next cruise is the best cure? There is just no Royal offering for July 2019 that works.