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  1. Rumor has it that Leigh Xuereb may be returning to Royal Caribbean. Please make this true! One of the best ever CD's. I would gladly have him back with Royal. Very unique style and a bit naughty at times, which is refreshing compared to many other CD's. Had him on Explorer while he was filling in for Spacey, but soon after, he got made permanent himself.
  2. I'm afraid that I have absolutely no idea. Due to demographic suitability, Bobby will probably only do the rest of Europe so its anyone's guess as to who will replace Abe. It needs to be someone good hopefully.
  3. I think you can rule out a Quantum Class coming to Galveston. However, Oasis may come there in 2020. The issue is that I have looked up some LB sailings and they are quite cheap so I wonder if TX and the surrounding areas will actually be able to fill an Oasis Class. Not to mention that Galveston isn't a large area and with the number of guests on Oasis Class, it may get crowd trying to enter the port by car even if there is a new terminal.
  4. It will probably be Anthem. Rumor has it that Q5 is NJ bound. AN is due for drydock in 2020 and will have done 4.5 years in Bayonne by that point, so it makes sense.
  5. I've apologized to CC. Hopefully they accept my apology and don't get angry at me again.
  6. Totally agree. Speaking of "that other place", I have created a new account there. Going to try and make amends with them. My loyalty is still always to the Blog though.
  7. Serenade in October will likely be Carly for anyone that is asking. She usually does the Canada season on SR.
  8. You're probably right, but i might need to book something ASAP. I wish they put a provisional schedule out 1 year in advance. However, I do know who is scheduled to be Captain and I'm hoping that will change. CD, HD and Capt are the 3 individuals responsible for setting the tone on the ship.
  9. Do you think it is wishful thinking to hope that Tim Connor likes the Freedom Class enough to transfer to Liberty out of Texas for July?? I asked Marc if he was expecting to return to Liberty after his vacation. He didn't say no, but his reply implied that he would likely be somewhere else. John Blair's FB posts imply that he is staying on Radiance next year. Those are the two recent regulars on LB. I know not to judge people who I've not met myself, but Jeff Arpin (who has also worked on LB quite often) does not participate in the events such as 70's night alongside a bizarre L&M format (at least from his GR days), so I hope it won't be him. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a competent CD alongside a fun and high energy personality! Any recommendations? It looks as if I will be having a completely new CD next year if I do LB.
  10. He is on Facebook. I don't think he is on anything else.
  11. In previous years, I've followed the CC thread about deployment but don't post there any more, so let's post here instead. Does anyone have any rumours about 2020 ship deployments? I had heard a rumor about an Oasis Class (probably OA) going to Galveston. I had also read an Instagram story from Cruise Director Michelle who said that she thinks Royal will come back to Brazil soon. Possibly for the 2020/21 winter season? I wonder what ship. Would love if there was something completely out of the blue (like when we found out Mariner was leaving Asia to do the 3/4 nighters from Miami - who could have expected that?) Any more thoughts?
  12. From the dark side... Thanks for the update!
  13. I've never bought into the 'Oasis coming to Galveston' speculation. I completely agree with you that filling an Oasis Class would be near impossible if Liberty is showing major discounts. And this sailing is hardly off peak, it's the June 30th sailing.