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  1. I'm not 21 yet. I feel that my age group is an age group forgotten by the cruise line. Too old for the teen facilities, but not old enough for the adult activities either. It also doesn't help that I look about 15. We are sailing the Harmony so there isn't necessarily a shortage of onboard amenities, but I feel as if my age group just aren't accommodated the same way. And as nice as it is to spend time with my group, I would rather meet other people and do my own thing. That doesn't feel possible as I'm still viewed as a minor. What can I do onboard?
  2. Bobby is headed to Spectrum. Simeon is filling in on SY this week only and Abe returns next week.
  3. 5 years is a significant period of time. Anyway, I'm going to end this debate since it's off-topic for the OP's thread.
  4. You'll get a good itinerary out of Vision at least.
  5. I've got no opposition to doing Oasis after her revamp, but I am annoyed at the revamp being done after the Europe season. The youngest RCI ship in Europe this year is 10 years old which isn't new any more - why is it unreasonable to want 1 new ship in the region? In the States, you have Anthem, Ovation, Harmony and Symphony. Unfortunately, RCL's Europe selection is pitiful this year so back to the Caribbean. I don't like to fly so would have preferred to stay in Europe again if they'd had a better selection on offer.
  6. I get that, but who would book an unrefurbed 10 year old Oasis after having the brand new flagship on that itinerary the year before? I've done the Med cruise on Allure, Harmony and Symphony but didn't bother considering going back to Oasis this year for one second.
  7. What happened to the original Johnny Rockets on Navigator?
  8. AL is getting her drydock done in March/April next year so should be same for HM. Getting given Oasis in Europe and revamping her after the Europe season feels like a slap in the face after Harmony and Symphony in their inaugural years. Same when Freedom was there in 2017 instead of Oasis Class, what was that about? I digress...
  9. Crew from other ships visit all the time, so as said, the system is in place.
  10. No doubt that it will be added when HM goes to drydock in 2021.
  11. Just checked the port schedule for Harmony this summer, and we dock with Liberty in Cozumel. Been to Cozumel twice before on Oasis & Harmony and seen it already. Would actually prefer if Royal offered the excursion to visit Liberty for the day. They should allow this every time that their ships dock together, or alternatively make it a Diamond perk. Do you think that this would be a good idea? I know that crew sometimes visit other ships for the day.
  12. Park Cafe was great for breakfast on both Harmony and Symphony. I'm sure it is the same on the Allure so would highly recommend.
  13. Miami and FLL are more desirable for fly in cruisers but the demand is in PC. The proximity to Orlando is probably a selling point for PC.
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