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  1. Chris is moving to Anthem in July. Marvin will probably be around until August/September. 33 is also pretty young for a CD, although quite a few are a similar age. Wish that they had some below 30 - Younger CD's are usually better. Enjoyed your blog and have fun on the Symphony when it comes! First Oasis Class?
  2. Glad to hear that Chris & Marvin are a dynamic duo. Improvement over Casey? This is actually the first contract for Chris as CD outside the Asia & Australia markets, so I am pleased that he is being well-received in the Western hemisphere. Already knew that Marvin was a great AM, who should be made CD soon. BTW - I love the 70's night. It's the 50's and 60's night that I dislike.
  3. Hello Royal Caribbean Blog friends! Any feedback or info about a CD?
  4. You're blowing things a tad out of proportion there. I've promised to tone things down anyway, not for anyone else but so that I don't let my (admittedly very strong) opinions get in the way of my dream job. Let's just be civil with each other, as I'm a bit bored of arguing myself.
  5. Anyone here who had the privilege of sailing with Richard Spacey when he was with RCI? I wish that I did. Best YMCA ever on a ship!
  6. That was until I watched a re-play of L&M on our cruise. I tend to be more positive during and soon after the cruise. It's not all I discuss anyway, you just seem to enjoy criticizing my opinions. Actually, FYI, I do a lot for my thread on CC, and try to transfer some of that onto here. If you don't like it, make up your own list! I'm trying to reign back my opinions, but in all honesty, I recommend that you quit visiting this thread as we seem unable to agree on anything.
  7. One thing that is important with CD's is motivating their staff. On Harmony last summer with Abe, the team was great, and then they went downhill after his replacement boarded, who shall remain nameless. Several of the Staff didn't seem happy after the new CD had taken over either. Good CD = Good Entertainment Staff With a good Cruise Director, that embarrassing Sailaway Party a few posts up wouldn't have happened.
  8. For me, it depends on the itinerary. If it is a port intensive cruise, it doesn't matter, but for longer cruises with more at sea days, it does factor into the decision.
  9. Would anyone here decide a cruise based on the CD?
  10. This seems to be Chris' first CD contract in the Caribbean itineraries, after over 3 years in the Asia & Australia market, so not heard much. I have heard that he is good though. Was on Quantum prior and closed down the Legend, so is probably respected by Royal as a good CD.
  11. I'm not sure yet. Was meant to be John Blair but he left earlier than expected and isn't returning to LB. You are lucky though as I am not a John fan whatsoever.
  12. Heads up for anyone on the 2 Group Cruises this year: Explorer - June 22nd 2018: CD - Topi Ylönen; AM - Aysy Sadrislamova Symphony - November 17th 2018: CD - Marc Walker; AM - Currently unknown
  13. Hoping Symphony of the Seas will offer a better managed Sailaway Party. The poster of the video was unimpressed, as was I. Remember that the running of events like this come down to the Cruise Director & Activities Manager. Even if you say that they don't matter, they really do if you plan to go near any activities.
  14. Time for a little update! Ship Cruise Director Activities Manager Adventure Chris Brown Unknown Allure Jimmy Rhodes Unknown Anthem Clo O'Connor Tanya Yates Tongue Brilliance Abe Hughes Enzo Matijaca Empress Hugo Arenas Mickey Martin Enchantment Bobby Broughton Assata Young-Mayers Explorer Graham Seymour Margot van Erck Freedom Drew Devine Saini Gupta Grandeur Mike Szwajkowski Cecy del Razo Harmony Dru Pavlov Jerry Kubli Independence Tim Connor Elizabeth Hackett Jewel Andrea Olivieri Daniel Klophaus Liberty Mitch Merucci Unknown Mariner Ricky Matthews Renato Arana Majesty Susan Adams Mauricio Diaz Navigator Simona Ferraiuolo Mark Rous Oasis Jeff Arpin Tresha Robb Ovation Mike Hunnerup Angelle Rutten van Hemert Quantum Paul Rutter Unknown Radiance Ken Jones Alex Green Rhapsody Elvis Pinto Eric Lopez Serenade Symphony Carly Boileau Michele Scarpato Alison Hasler Katy McCullagh Vision Steve Davis Talita Leoni Voyager Carlos Torres Troy Zhang EDIT: Please ask if you would like to know who will be onboard on a specific date. I may have the answer.