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Royal Caribbean adds price tracker feature in new cruise search update

07 Dec 2022

Royal Caribbean has once again updated the look of its cruise search page.

It's not clear when it rolled out, but Royal Caribbean's search results have a new cleaner look to them when looking for cruises to book on the cruise line's website.

While the search form looks the same on Royal Caribbean's homepage, the results come through a new layout.

The search results now include tags to easily identify distinct sailings, such as weekend cruises & holiday cruises.

The search results are in a cleaner layout with less "fluff" around it so you can drill into the itinerary and ship you want.

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Earlier this week there was the ability to search by specific dates, but it looks as though that functionality has been removed.

It's not clear if they will bring back that ability, as you can only narrow down the search by month instead of week or day.

New features

There's also a new ability to add a cruise to a list of favorites.

By clicking the heart icon, it will add the cruise to your favorites list that you can reference later.

Additionally, Royal Caribbean has added a new Watchlist feature, that claims it will alert you of a price change.

"Planning your next cruise? Find a sail date, add to watchlist to track price changes, and get notified via email."

To add a cruise to the watchlist, you just need to find the specific sailing, and then click Watchlist to add it to your list.

It's not clear how often it will check and/or alert you to a price drop.

A price tracking feature is a major addition to the Royal Caribbean website as they've never offered any kind of price tracking feature before.

Up until now, it was up to the guest to monitor and track price changes for cruises.  It remains to be seen how useful this new feature is, but it's still a significant addition for consumers.

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There are some third party websites that offer price tracking options, but results are varied. In addition, some travel agents will monitor price drops for their clients.

Your thoughts

Junior Suite on Symphony of the Seas

What do you think of the changes Royal Caribbean has made to the search functionality? Will you use it more than third party websites?

Let us know in the comments below.

Royal Caribbean updates cruise booking website with cleaner design

16 Jul 2020

If you are booking a Royal Caribbean cruise from the cruise line website, expect a new look to the process.

Royal Caribbean rolled out an update to its website on Thursday, which has a cleaner look to the booking process.

Once you select a particular sailing, the steps involved in booking the cruise have a new design to them.

Old look to booking site

New look to booking site

Select a stateroom

Choose stateroom assignement

Guests information

Payment information

So far, the new look begins to appear once you select a sail date.  In addition there are certain updated room descriptions as well more virtual tours.

The new look to the booking engine follows Royal Caribbean's last booking site design update in August 2017.

RoyalCaribbeanBlog readers shared their opinions of the new site design on our message boards, and generally were happy with the new look.

Razorrayy commented, "I absolutely love the new booking tool on Royal Caribbean website, just being able to get more details on your itinerary is awesome!"

WAAAYTOOO found a small functionality lift, in addition to the new look, "The only improvement that I can see so far is that you can now review the itinerary once you are in the mock booking.  Before you could never see the itinerary once you started looking at cabins."

With new change, comes also critique for how to make the site even better. SpeedNoodles wished for a change in booking terms up front, "When will they change it to show us the refundable price before we have to enter name/address/signooverfirstbornchild?"

Royal Caribbean adds Future Cruise Credit redemption options to website bookings

28 Apr 2020

With thousands of cruisers receiving Future Cruise Credits to use due to canceled sailings, Royal Caribbean has added new options to its cruise booking process to simplify redeeming a Future Cruise Credit.

The new feature on makes it easy for guests to apply the credit in multiple ways for new and existing bookings – for example, upgrading the stateroom, paying off existing bookings, or towards bookings already paid-in-full (receiving a statement credit). 

The online functionality introduced today provides a little extra flexibility to guests – redeeming FCC can be done in two clicks from the homepage, meaning no need to call.  The function is now front-and-center on for guests, as well as within for travel partners, who continue to support their clients. 

When making a booking via Royal Caribbean's website, there is now a new option at checkout to redeem a Future Cruise Credit.

Similar to using a gift certificate at a retail website, below the credit card information is an option redeem a Future Cruise Credit.

In addition to the the option during the checkout process, Royal Caribbean's website main menu includes a link to redeem a Cruise Credit.

Once you go to that link, a self-service page provides another way to redeem the credits.

It should be noted that travel agents can also redeem Future Cruise Credits as well, and can help bypass these steps and save time for guests.

Thanks to Allen Agor for alerting us to this change.

Spotted: Online folio for past Royal Caribbean cruises

22 Mar 2020

It appears seeing how much you spent onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise in the future may become a lot easier, especially if you lose that Cruise Summary after your cruise is over.

RoyalCaribbeanBlog reader twangster returned home from the transatlantic Allure of the Seas cruise to discover Royal Caribbean's website shows his folio available to view online.


At the end of a cruise, a summary of all charges, credits and purchases is delivered to each guest's stateroom door so guests can take it with them off the ship.  In recent years, the folio has even been emailed to guests.  With this new option, there is a third way of retrieving a summary of onboard spending.

The feature appears to be not available on all sailings yet. In fact, none of my 2020 Royal Caribbean sailings show up with the option to view the folio.

Royal Caribbean has been steadily adding more features to its website, Cruise Planner site and app

Some recently added new features include the ability to filter for just Kids Sail Free dates, adding custom events to the Cruise Planner, and easier ability to find connecting staterooms.

Royal Caribbean adds Kids Sail Free filter to website search

24 Jun 2019

Finding all the sailings that qualify for Royal Caribbean's super-popular Kids Sail Free deal just got easier with a recent update to their website that added a Kids Sail Free filter to the cruise search.

RoyalCaribbeanBlog reader FionaMG noticed a new filter that has been added to the site search to quickly narrow the search results to only show sailings that qualify for the Kids Sail Free offer.

To use the filter, simply go to the "Find A Cruise" option and select it to refine the results shown.

For more details on Kids Sail Free dates, terms and conditions, refer to our Kids Sail Free guide.

Royal Caribbean adds connecting room feature to website search

07 May 2019

Royal Caribbean has updated its website to offer a new connecting rooms feature to its cruise search.

RoyalCaribbeanBlog reader WannaCruise spotted the new feature that was added to Royal Caribbean's website. To activate the feature, simply search for more than one room and the "Include connecting rooms" option will appear.

The new option makes it easier for families and groups to get rooms that have a common door between the rooms, which provides more space and an additional bathroom.

Up until now, there was no simple way to find connecting rooms on the website other than consulting deck plans to find available rooms.  

Royal Caribbean website maintenance window scheduled for October 7

05 Oct 2018

A heads up for anyone looking to use the Royal Caribbean website, as a maintenance downtime window has been scheduled for much of Sunday, October 7th.

Royal Caribbean has advised us that this weekend, from midnight Saturday until 6 pm Sunday evening, the Royal Caribbean website will be down.

Royal Caribbean says the downtime is for standard maintenance.

Royal Caribbean updates website with new look to booking engine

31 Aug 2017

Royal Caribbean has updated the look to the part of its website where visitors can book their cruise.

The updated look makes quickly comparing prices between different sailings simpler, as users can click between different sail dates and see pricing without leaving the search result page.

Do you like the new design for the cruise booking engine? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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