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  2. I use the Royal Visa card for Royal purchases - I've only done OBC redemption, but it was really easy.
  3. If I'm not ordering a "salty dog," I found out I like cosmos on Celebrity. So I order one in a conventional glass while on Royal (not insecure, just clumsy ;>)
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  5. My best customer HAD it until the Costco VISA made it's debut. 3% on travel is sweet but I know it's not a card that everyone has in their arsenal.
  6. Hello, I was wondering what experiences everyone has had using the Royal Caribbean visa how is the redemption process and is there good value over other cards rewards programs thank you Michael how
  7. Cruise planner for symphony of the seas on Jan, 2020 has a buy one get one 50% off but the 50% is not applying when checking out? They included the price which was 61usd pppd with 18% and there is a ribbon that says 25% each guest BUT its not applying? Anyone else getting this or have encountered this problem?
  8. I just read that they can make a "Key Lime Pie" Martini! The recipe was on the Royal Caribbean Facebook Forum! Yum Yum!🍸 😃
  9. Whoops, sorry for the misinformation. I thought I did that on my honeymoon but I must have used cash since I definitely didn't pay any fees.
  10. Yeah, they don't actually celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Mexico. It's pretty much an American deal. (The date is of a fairly minor victory over the French in 1862 during the Franco-Mexican war.) 🙂
  11. It will be enough time but me personally, I would leave 30 minutes earlier as a cushion for traffic. Once you enter New Jersey, 101.5 fm will provide the best traffic updates. You can also get traffic on 880 am every 10 minutes that end on an "8". As others have pointed out, your boarding time is only a suggestion and it is not enforced but the earlier you arrive at Cape Liberty, the better There is one entrance to the cruise port and it has 2 lanes. If you do arrive after 11 am, most likely you will encounter vehicle back up near the terminal building due to luggage drop off. You cannot avoid this. You do not have to stop and drop your luggage but since you must drive by this area to get to the surface parking lot or garage, it is advisable. Arrive by 10:30 and there should be no to little back up at the terminal. If you do park in the garage, take the ticket with you as it must be validated when disembarking. That may also apply if you park in the surface lot. There are 2 elevators in the garage and there will be lines to use them upon disembarkation.
  12. The night that we received the birthday cake, I had ordered 2 other desserts because I couldn’t decide between the Baked Alaska and the dessert that looks like Carnival ‘s Chocolate Melting Cake. So, imagine our surprise when our waiter brought us the birthday cake as well...and it was a table for two! After trying the other 2 desserts, I gave hubby the rest of the Baked Alaska and the chocolate cake just sat there. I then tasted the birthday cake, and devoured what I could manage to eat. I don’t remember what else I ordered that evening, but I definitely recall the 3 desserts. I am going to miss that little birthday cake on our next cruise; I don’t believe it will be available because it will be in January 2020. 😢
  13. Just came off Mariner on August 9th. Sailing again with my daughter this time on 8/30. See you then!!
  14. I bought 4 device package for 166€ for 7 nights on the Allure for our December cruise. If I recall correctly, this was more than 250€ before the sale, so a good saving.
  15. I vote for a Chocolate Martini....mmmm very addictive Enjoy your cruise! you'll love the Suite Lounge on Liberty, the espresso machine is nice too, it's available all day....
  16. We have done the drive but the inverse, Newark (very close to cruise port) to Baltimore cruise port and it took us just under 4 hours but we stopped for gas (was a rental and needed to return it full) it was a simple trip so you should be fine for 11am even with parking. I think we took 95 all the way. Enjoy your cruise!
  17. Michelle - I just sent you an email about transferring a cruise. 🙂
  18. 12 days until Liberty! Time to get out the suitcases!
  19. We sailed to Key West and the Bahamas several years ago, only it was on a big Carnival ship (the Magic, I believe) and we sailed from either New Orleans or Galveston. I enjoyed the change-of-pace from Cozumel, Roatan, and Belize, and since then, I have been rather hoping to set sail to visit Key West again, without having to fly to Florida. We will also get to see Coco Cay - I doubt that we will pay extra for the water park (we are 2 ole fogies, lol) but it will be fun to explore the island, having never been there before. So, yesterday I booked a cabin for myself and hubby on the Majesty of the Seas.Technically not a new ship, but definitely new to us, and we have enjoyed cruises on smaller, older ships. We are set to sail from New Orleans in December 2020.
  20. Thanks all for you help. 1-I have only cruised once a year with Royal, again HAL 2x and so on and yes we lose our points after March 31 2- it’s almost impossible to retain receipts for more than several years but I will try to get pictures(?) 3- it does sound like I should get up and down from the tables or maybe spend less money, either way without rules and Regs it’s hard to figure again THANK YOU for your help
  21. wow...that is so suprising... what a bummer ...i mean Im sure you had a wonderful time anyway, but seems like a missed opportunity for a special event/ party lol
  22. Just for your future reference, if you have the deluxe beverage package, you can order a double or even a triple and that will solve your weak drink problem. On our cruise in June, there was someone in our party that ordered Bahama Mama, triple rum, every time with no issues. Also, although I was on Navigator, I did not notice drinks to be weak. In fact, for us it was the opposite. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  23. The buy-in will be either $75 or $100 and there are lots of rebuys permitted. If they get enough entries, the prize will be a free cruise for 2 to the tournament finals (usually the first or second week in December) and a seat in the finals. If there are not enough entries, they will award the first few finishers cash (after a generous rake). They run the satellite tournaments on sea days during the cruise and generally the final satellite will be the final sea day night.
  24. I’d check into a local hotel near the port. I don’t know about New Jersey here in Florida hotels near port often offer stay & park with free shuttle to port. On our next cruise we are actually paying less to stay at hotel the night before the cruise and leave our car parked there then it is to park at Miami cruise parking. Then no worries about hitting traffic or missing the ship!! Just an idea!💡
  25. I meant my girlfriend is more extroverted than I am, lol. She even managed to find the only single, age-appropriate, straight man on the boat. 😉 But my dining partner for that meal was 6 drinks and post nap #1 into the day at 12:30pm, so it was certainly an interesting meal.
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