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Christmas decor or events?

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Yes, the ship will be decorated by then.  We were on Allure this past Thanksgiving and they were setting up all the decorations on that sailing.  So by mid-December they will definitely have everything up.

Santa himself only makes an appearance on Christmas Day so I wouldn't expect to see him.  I don't think there will be any special Christmas shows the week before but there might be something Christmas-themed in the Theater.  I don't know.  I have only cruised Christmas week before.  Even then there isn't much, really.  Just lots of lovely decorations.

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On the Majesty the show performers sang Christmas Carols in the promenade one night, but this was the actual week of Christmas.  They also did a short show in the main theater with various other performers doing Christmas music on Christmas Eve.  Not sure if they'd do that for the weeks leading up to Christmas though.

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I've been on a few Christmas/New Years cruises! It's not going to be the same as being home for Christmas, but they do really go all out. I am speaking more from an adult perspective, so there was definitely big trees on every ship, but I think different ships do different things. I have seen cookie decorating, getting presents from Santa, plenty of activities. However, we are mostly taking in the sun and the nice weather being from New England :) 

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I think the ship has a good balance of decorations.  We have been on five different class ships during in the time frame of Nov to Dec and all of the ships had at least:

  • garland in on the balcony railing in the main dinning rooms
  • garland hanging from the top of the elevator areas to the bottom main deck, usually deck five.
  • Gingerbread house 
  • At least one Christmas tree
  • Christmas Cookies 
  • And sometimes a banner for Hanukkah   
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