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  1. Has anyone done this through RC? It'[s slightly cheaper to book via Ship Mate and you also get homemade guac, pico, chips, margaritas, corona and tequila shots. If we book through RC I'm assuming it includes the transportation to the catamaran (wherever that is), but not sure if it includes anything more than a "beverage" as stated. Also, how long is the catamaran ride to the reef? Thanks!
  2. We are sailing over my DH birthday (12/19) on the Harmony of the Seas. We are in Jamaica until 7:00 PM on the day of his birthday. I was looking at making a dinner reservation in one of the Specialty restaurants and have a couple of questions. 1) When it says the end time is 7:00 PM in Jamaica does that mean that is when the ship leaves or when you have to be back onboard? 2) What is your favorite Specialty restaurant AFTER Wonderland? I'm worried our kids won't care for that menu. 3) When you pay the $45/person but the menu still has prices (Hibachi for example) does that me
  3. Does anyone know of a hotel that has a free (or reasonably priced) shuttle that will pick us up at FLL and take us back to the hotel for our 1 or 2 night stay and then take us to Port Everglades for our cruise?
  4. Hi all, We are cruising on the Harmony 12/16/18. Will the ship be decorated for Christmas? Will there be any Christmas themed activities, shows, Santa, etc? Thanks!
  5. Thank you! Would it be more economical to take a taxi? $64 for adults and $54 for children’s seems expensive.
  6. Hi all! First time cruising with Royal Caribbean for our family of 6! We have only cruised with Disney Cruise Line in the past and we are anxious/excited for our Harmony of the Seas cruise in December 2018. I'm wondering if there is a way to visit Dunn River Falls only. I'm not interested in doing the cave tour that's offered in conjunction with the DRF excursion through RC. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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