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Freedom OTS

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We are booked on Freedom OTS in March 2019 (over a year away).  We choose that itinerary because it goes to the ABC islands (we haven't been there) out of San Juan.  Anyway, I wanted to check current prices because some friends may want to go with us and I'm unable to search for that cruise.  In fact, if you filter the search by ship, Freedom OTS is not even listed as an option.  Anyone know what's going on with that ship?  

(That being said when I log on, that reservation is still listed)


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5 hours ago, KathyC said:

Or it's being held for a group charter? 

That happened to us once before!  We had booked a March 2019 on the Serenade, which was doing a "one-off" cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale.  Suddenly the cruise listing disappeared, as some cruise buddies of ours were trying to book it for that sailing as well.  About a week later we got the email "sorry to inconvenience you, but this booking has been chartered".  We were offered compensation for the trouble..... so at least they made good on it for us.  

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