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Ultimate Drinks and Dining Package Combo


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7 hours ago, CGTLH said:

Just pulled this up for my October Oasis sailing. $75 a day plus 13.44% gratuity.


Odd gratuity amount because it's just being applied to the cost of the drink package as gratuity is not charged on dining packages. 

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10 hours ago, AndrewPunch said:

Just saw in the cruise planner for my Dec. HOTS sailing the ultimate drinks and dining package combo for $71/day.  That breaks down to $1125 for 2 with the tips added.

Hoping this pops up soon for my Feb HOTS sailing, I've been holding out on buying packages, missed out on the lower price for dining, so it would be a stellar deal to get this combo. Thanks for the heads up on it being available!

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It's being offered on my Oasis Oct 15th sailing £57.75 +13.44% = £65.51

Deluxe beverage package is £42.35 + 18% = £49.97

So £15.51 per day for dining, sounds quite good, but I managed to get the drink package a while ago for only £43.42 inc so will stay with that and the 4 night dining package I have.

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