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Good article.

Some things are done a little bit different at different ports…or on different ships.

Of course, most vaccination requirements and testing are no longer needed. At least for now.

In my experience…

On my b2bs…if I need to change cabins, I pack everything except what’s hanging in the closet. I leave the bags inside the room. On turnaround day, my cabin attendant uses a clothing rack and transfers the bags and the hanging clothes to the new room. He/she places the bags in the room and hangs the clothes in the new closet. As Matt said…it’s a good idea to coordinate with your cabin attendant. Usually I’ll go seek out my new cabin attendant a day or two before just to let him know also.

If I’m in the same cabin…I’ll tell my attendant that he can skip my room on turnaround day. He changes the bed linen the day before. l’ll make my own bed. He really appreciates having one less room to do on the busiest day.

Recently on my b2bs the letter instructed me to not do the muster drill on the second leg if I was in the same cabin. By sail away, it showed complete on the app.

Sometimes, rarely, we won’t have to leave the ship. CBP will come aboard and a ship’s security scanner will be set up at the entrance to the venue where we are waiting. After everyone else is off the ship, we will show our passport to the CBP officer and then scan our new card as we exit the room. No need to leave unless we wish. But, if we do decide to leave the ship for whatever reason…we will have to wait until general boarding begins to re-board.

Most times we have to leave the ship as a group. After virtually all of the other passengers are gone, they will lead us from the venue, and off the ship…scanning our old cards as we leave. In Bayonne, we go through the customs/baggage hall and to the facial recognition scanners…if they’re working. Otherwise we see an officer and show our passport. Then, they line us up in the customs/baggage hall and we wait for everyone else to complete the process. Usually there are still some stragglers onboard and we have to wait for a zero count before we can go back. Most of the time it’s pretty quick. We’re the first to board and we scan our new cards on re-boarding. 

Sometimes, if there is an inspection (Coast Guard or Public Health) then we have to wait much longer. It can get uncomfortable standing for a long time in the hall…especially in NJ in the winter. It’s cold! There are no seats. Port workers will scramble to find some chairs for the elderly, but usually we just have to stand.

Back onboard, there is usually a Consecutive Cruiser lunch for b2b’ers.

Back to backs are a nice way to extend a vacation. One of the best things about a b2b is the night before the next cruise…looking at all the luggage in the hallways outside cabins. That’s always been such a sad sight to see. But…not when you’re b2b’ing! Enjoy it!😁

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Check in with guest services and make sure they know you are B2B.

Let your state room attendent know.

A day or two before turn around, you will get a note/letter on where and when  to assemble that morning. Have your documentation with you. Follow their instructions.

There is usually a select lunch for B2Bs once the paperwork is done.



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B2B is generally easy. They have to legally disembark you for the first leg and embark you for the second leg. We have had this done a couple of ways, once where we met in a designated room and Customs came in a checked us out and in (loved that one), and all the others where we met in a location and they guided us off the ship and then right back on after giving us our new room key. Could not have been easier. You do have to have your disembarkation/embarkation paperwork (sea pass card, passport/birth certificate, boarding pass either paper or on the app) with you.

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