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Timing of Oasis pulling into Port Canaveral

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6 minutes ago, RestingBirds said:

I was wondering if 6 am meant docked, or still pulling in.

It has been my experience that when an RC cruise ship gets back into home port it is very very early in the am, like 0-dark-30. I'm sure baltodave meant they were at the dock, tied up and secured. Keep in my, when a ship gets back to its home port there is a lot of logistical stuff that has to happen in a short period of time so the ship can make its departure time on schedule. 

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5 minutes ago, tkltomp said:

This is the Fiscal Year 2017 Cruise ship schedule from Port Canaveral:


Oasis seems to have a "Scheduled" time of 06:00 AM. I'm sure results vary due to an almost limitless amount of factors.

Yup, that's the one I was looking at.  I agree, there are many factors that could move that time forward or backwards.

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57 minutes ago, Spiegeje said:

One idea is to use an app called Marine Traffic...you can track ships by name and position...there may be a delay in what you see, but it may help you estimate when to wake up and watch the ship arrive. I have used it successfully in my geekdom.

I will be checking into this!

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