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Quantum of the seas

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4 hours ago, F1guynz said:

Would anyone notice if the bionic bar was not working😀

Not really. Only if I wanted a really bad drink or just to see the "technology" in action would I go see the bionic bartender. The real thing is much more interesting and befriending the bartenders on the various ships we sail on has great consequences on the "strength" of the drinks.


5 hours ago, Shaneomatic said:

Northstar and bionic bar still down on quantum of the seas 

Northstar down will probably be a bigger miss than the bionic bar.

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Bionic bar was packed on my last Oasis cruise. 

Half of guests on a typical cruise are new to Royal.  Assuming 4,000 to 5,600 guests on Bionic ships that's 2,000 to 2,800 that have never seen it.  Plus there are probably a couple hundred Gold members on their first cruise with a Bionic bar.  So that is 2,200 to 3,000 people for who it is "new" (new to them).  

Considering the hundreds of millions of Americans who have never cruised there is an endless supply of new guests to try it.

I like North Star.  Especially in the sounds of New Zealand or the passages of Alaska.  I still ride every cruise.  

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