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Allure of the Seas - AA Meetings - June 2017


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2 hours ago, arebee said:

I"ve seen this, who is Bill W?

Bill W was the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. So, when you see "Friends of Bill W." on the community board, it's a way to announce AA Meetings in a somewhat 'discreet' manner, but also in a way that those in need are able to congregate in a location on the ship to help support one another and hold their meetings.

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7 hours ago, DocLC said:

Should I be impressed that you know this or concerned? ;)

Unfortunately, addiction is a topic that has hit close to home in my family. This just happens to be something I am aware of.

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2 hours ago, DocLC said:


It is what it is - But, I think it's a really awesome thing that the cruise lines have these methods of allowing people to gather and get the support they need (as well as meeting others!) while on board no matter where they are in their recovery.

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@Matt  - Thanks for the info!  I'll check it out when I get there.

@arebee - You certainly wouldn't be the first person to show up at an AA meeting less than sober.  :8_laughing:

@klaconqueso - I agree this is a very cool thing RCCL does for us!  I have a few 24's under my belt so I'm not gonna be white-knuckling this cruise.  But it would be cool to meet some other folks in the program along the way!

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