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  1. Day 2 - Sea Day I love love love sea days! One of the many reasons I love cruising is because I love being on the ocean and sea days are a great opportunity to enjoy the views, sound, and smell of the sea. On this morning I started a little habit that got my husband way to spoiled, that is going for my early morning stroll around the ship and pick up some coffee for him before heading back to the room. But before that I went to the aft of deck 5 off the running/walking track to enjoy the sunrise at sea. This is a must do, even if it's just once. I love my sleep but I love this view s
  2. Day 1/Embarkation Day Embarkation day is so exciting, kind of like Christmas morning. And I had great plans for this one in particular. It was going to be so seamlessly smooth and I'd arrive to the port around 10:30 be on the ship by eleven...yada yada yada. Well it didn't quite work out that way and it seemed like Murphy's Law was at play and intent on delaying our vacation. Our first cruise last year was on Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston and embarkation was fine and pretty standard but it was our first and we were very overwhelmed by how quickly things moved. Fa
  3. Intro/Pre-Embarkation Like so many others we originally had planned to set sail on Oasis on September 10, 2017 for a 7 night Eastern Caribbean Itinerary. Well, that is until Irma (Hurricane Irma) crashed our party. After several days of late night tweeting with Royal Caribbean's Meteorologist, James Von Fleet we got final word that our cruise would begin on September 13 and consist of a 4 night sailing to Cozumel. This wasn't our dream cruise but we were happy and grateful none the less that it didn't get cancelled. We opted to sail and receive 50% of our cruise fare in onboard credit an
  4. We still on?!! So excited
  5. Does anyone know if any of the Trolls characters are on board Oasis as part of the Dreamworks Experience?
  6. Wow!! Just checked out the venue...AMAZING! Can't wait
  7. Yay!!! Finally!!!
  8. I'm fine with either Dallas or Austin. If the group chooses Dallas I'd just need a little bit more notice in order to make plans :) We can also ask @CruisingKat(Kathy) if we can post in the RC Periscopers Facebook page. I don't mind doing a scope to help get the word out.
  9. Sounds good to me, any suggestions as to where?
  10. September 10, 2017 - Oasis of the Seas
  11. @iamjohnbamber any thoughts on date?
  12. So true! I'm fine with any of the cities mentioned above. I'm pretty centralized and would be willing to drive up to 4 hours if it's in a city where there's more to do
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