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Carnival drops testing for all on the majority of sailings


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If I read this correctly Carnival now only requires testing on cruises over 15 days, all cruises of 15 days or less don't require a test, regardless of vacine status, it feels like normality is returning

Carnival has sent out a communication to booked guests, letting them know about the changes: “Consistent with the evolving public health guidelines, we have continued to update our protocols over the last several weeks.”

“In summary, vaccines, proof of vaccination, and testing for unvaccinated guests, are no longer required on cruises of 15 nights or less. However, we encourage all guests 5 years and older to take a pre-cruise test within three days of their cruise.”



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We got the vax, just the one and done, and as I recall that means we no longer need the test.

Went to the doctor's office for cruise #4 and the receptionist said....again? I want your life. LOL I didn't mention that when I was her age I didn't cruise, I was spending my money living and raising three kids. Oh, btw, our last cruise started one day before the change so we had to get another test, I told the same woman...last one...but didn't explain why. 😉

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11 minutes ago, asquared17 said:

not going to lie, it's kind of awesome that you have this reputation 😎 cruisers for life!

FUNNY!! Got three in 23, may do another, and the receptionist will never know now. My wife has the cruise queen pullover from the Allure and her friends feel it's appropriate. I am probably in the small group that knows exactly how many days till the next one. In the morning, it will be 79.

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Holland America have also dropped testing for all on cruises under 15 days, no need for vacination or testing, come on Royal, time to catch up with the rest of the industry. Perhaps they will announce something later this week when the release their latest business update.

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