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if your roommate tests positive....

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Do you live in the same household?  Have you been in close contact?  If not, you can no show the other person.  Their port fees, any prepaid items/CP purchases will be refunded but the price of the cruise will not.    If the affected person wants their money back, both will have to cancel.

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Since you're roommates, you would likely be a close contact so they'd probably not let you board if you told the truth on the health questionnaire.  There's really no benefit of trying to remove your roommate from the reservation as the price is likely to increase as you're cruising solo and the reservation would have to be re-fared. A no-show for your roommate is an option which Pooch just described.

Honestly, I wouldn't risk going on a cruise knowing you've been living with someone who tested positive so close to your cruise date. If you test positive onboard, you're not going to have as fun of a vacation. Luckily Royal Caribbean is offering 100% cash refunds to reservations where even just 1 person tests positive. Just call and let them know the situation.  They might ask for proof of a positive test, so your roommate may have to get a test at a pharmacy or do a proctored test if he/she doesn't have that type of proof already.

If you cancel, make sure to keep your eye out on your cc statements. Refunds amounts have not been completely accurate lately some are reporting.

If I were you I'd obtain the full refund for both of you and plan a cruise for another time.  Best of luck.

P.s. I'm sure someone is going to say it, so I'll beat them to the punch. If you booked with a good travel agent, they would be able to answer all these questions and take care of the refund process 😀 

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23 hours ago, Walt Golas said:

2 days before cruise, do both guests have to cancel the trip??

Can one still go?  Is there a change in costs??


1.  Is insurance involved for a refund?  

2.  If not, is the cruise still under CWC where Positive passenger asks for FCC (if so, whole stateroom canceled) 

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22 hours ago, Spang1974 said:

I was always under the impression that if there was a no show, and you travelled alone you would get double points? @Matt @twangster Expert opinion?

Yes, that's been my experience. One sailing they didn't do this and flat out refused to give it to me. I've since done this a few times and gotten double points so don't know what was up with that one sailing.

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