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Discounted drink plan pricing

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Heads up, if you had by chance reserved the drink plan (and it is still in your cart) online go buy it NOW. It kept the price for the day I reserved it, and I completed the purchase and it was charged to the credit card at the (pre-increase) discounted price.

I happened to go look at the drink plan today and noticed I had reserved it at 69.99 before the increase last week. The new B1G1 50% was at 72.99. So I only saved 3.54 per day ($50 for 2 for 7 days). But if you had gotten it at a low point (ours was as low as 62.99) you could save a bundle.


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This just happened to me too! I had put it in the cart at $78.99 per day for DBP+Voom and the current sale raised it to $88.99. I was able to purchase the other day at the lower price I had placed it in my cart at. A savings of $80! Very cool, always save your cart! 

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This is not necessarily a reply to your post Brian, but we have booked a cruise for next October 2023 on Harmony and

The DBP just loaded and the price is now at 98.00 per day. I've talked to some friends and found this to be the highest price

they heard of. Now I fully agree with all the replies about booking early because the price will probably increase as

the cruise date gets closer, but I'm in a quandary about booking this now or just keeping an eye on it..



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46 minutes ago, mikey60 said:

but I'm in a quandary about booking this now or just keeping an eye on it.

My 2 cents - Hold off unless you think $98 a day is worth it. October of '23 is far enough away for sales to pop up. The drink package price has gone up exponentially and while it could go up even more unless you can get value out of $98 per day it's just not worth it. 

Mine is down to $72 a day and I'm not sure that's worth it for me but will play by ear. I'm waiting to see what the norm is before I drop more money. My worst case scenario is I need pay per drink after buying the coffee card. I'd set aside what I think is a reasonable amount of money and just bring that. 

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