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First Cruise

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6 hours ago, nmauldin19 said:

Got a surprise gift for a trip to the Bahamas. Depart from Port Canaveral and come back to Port Canaveral. I am vaccinated but do I need a passport? 

You do not need it for this cruise.  You must have your State Issued ID and Birth Certificate.  The question is... are you going to be traveling much.  If there are more travels in your future, you are better off getting your Passport.  

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I would encourage you to get a passport although it isn't necessary for the cruise you are taking you never know what can happen. Some years ago my husband and I were medically disembarked from a cruise we didn't need our passports but if we didn't have them what already was a horrific situation could have easily turned into a nightmare situation because we would not  have been able to fly home. Any time you are leaving the US have your passport with you.

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Passport is priceless if something happens and you have to return unexpectedly.  You are covered with a certified birth certificate and drivers license.  If you had a name change from whats on your birth certificate (marriage) then you will need a certified certificate showing why your name changed.  There must be a legal paper trail showing name changes.  That also must match the name you gave RC thats on the ship manifest.

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