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Very weird cancellation for some: Wonder TA


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Notice the APAC email address (Asia Pacific) in the first post and the Australian address.   

  • redploysAU@rcclAPAC.com
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises Level 12, 157 walker Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060

It's well known the initial Wonder sailings in Asia have been cancelled.

Looks like someone from Australia is disappointed that Wonder isn't going to Asia so they are posting FUD.  

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4 minutes ago, XtremeGK said:

The email in the 2nd post quite clearly states that it's notification of cancelling the HK sailings. A whole lot of nothing here, folks.

But the person has called RC Australia twice and told her TA from Barcelona to Orlando was cancelled 

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53 minutes ago, twangster said:

The very first post references the 29 Oct 2022 cruises that were the original Wonder dates when she was first announced going straight to China.

How many people are reporting issues with the TA?  Are they all Australian?  

I think they are all from AUS. The one person has called twice and talked to 2 different people and both told her she was cancelled. 

Something is definitely fishy. She got a phone call and an email. It obviously by now can’t be true for the entire sailing as social media would be on fire by now. This is looking more like a Royal mistake, pun intended 

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