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Cruise planner discount weekend

Belinda A M

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Hi everyone,

Just seen the blog about discounts on the cruise planner. Is this just for the American market or can we do it from the UK ?

I'm not completely sure, but I thought Matt, there one who writes the blog said on Periscope that it was being extend to the UK.


If you log into your Cruise Planner, it will be immediately apparent if the sail is available as there's a big banner and little sales banners/flags on there sale items.

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No Deluxe discount for me, nor Voom. Voom is only showing 1 device packages surf+stream. 20% off replenish package.

This all for February 2017 Arabian Gulf on Vision of the Seas.

It's only Caribbean and Bahamas sailings through March according to Royal's Twitter feed at least in terms of excursions. I did see a few limited discounts for for Vision in June, though.

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Sorry to say, they can sometimes be a little SLOW in refunding your money but I think you should have everything within a week to 10 days.

Very true. I did this on Friday, and while all there new charges have hit my credit card, none of the refunds have.

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