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Cabin decorated by steward?


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Hello. I have a challenge and wondering if any of you know the answer. Our son has his birthday on a day while we are in a port. We have bought a whole bunch of decorations for his room including balloons and signs. Since we will all be going ashore together do you think the steward would put up the decorations while we are gone?  We of course would tip him, but how much $ is also something I’d like to get your opinion on. Would love for it to be a surprise when we all got back on board but just wondering if the steward would be offended if we asked for him/her to do that. 

Thanks in advance. 

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19 hours ago, twangster said:

Perhaps well before you go ashore one of you can occupy your son on the ship while the other decorates.  

Best option here may be to have someone either skip breakfast with the rest of the group or skip out of breakfast early and decorate quickly, meeting the rest of the group at a designated location that doesn't involve going back near the stateroom. Works best if you have an earlier excursion that requires everyone be reminded to triple check that they have everything they need BEFORE going to breakfast.

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