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Tipping in using other currencies


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Hi All 

I am doing some last minute prep prior to getting on board tomorrow for my Anthem OTS sailing. I had a question about tipping. I usually will tip extra on top of gratuities for the dining staff and for the room steward. I also will tip bartenders early to ensure that I am always on their radar. I will be bringing the usualy US Dollar. However prior to the pandemic I have a lot of small bills from the countries I've visited for work and vacations.  I wanted to know if its fine to tip utilizing currencies that are less common. For example I have small bills in pesos, bermudian dollar, & forints (Hungarian currency). What are your thought? If i can use these small bills it saves me a trip to the bank atm and I can get rid of these bills as I don't have any plans to visit these countries any time soon.



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I'd recommend tipping in the currency of the home port as the only alternative to USD such as when sailing from other regions.

For Royal ships though USD is king wherever they sail.  

Tipping in less common currency is almost a slap in the face.  "Here is some money you will probably never be able to use.  Haha - jokes on you!".


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