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Extra baggage limitations

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Makes it seem more real, ...... Transatlantic reposition oct/nov ---- Spain to Galveston would be  near top of wish list. Hopefully its still on the sked in years to come. I would love to bike some of the camino trail - on my own bike - pre-cruise. RC does have an impressive list of prohibited items. Bikes get an exemption, at least now. I'd not want to roll on but box it.  I wonder it this would require advance notification or you just show up with a big box and it goes down into storage somewhere below the waterline. Must be separate scanner stations for this I expect.

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2 hours ago, Royal Blue said:

I wonder it this would require advance notification or you just show up with a big box and it goes down into storage somewhere

I'm not an RCL guru but have been to Europe to catch Westbound cruises back to the states multiple times. These are great BTW and a pre-cruise stay is what we do, usually about a week to 10d traveling Europe. You will not be able to pack your bike as part of your luggage on your return cruise and have it stowed for you somewhere in the ship's hold. I'm 99% sure of that but out of the 1% chance, call RCL and inquire. I've never read of anyone doing that. You can definitely check your bike as excess baggage on a flight over or, if you have nothing but time on your hands take a cabin on a freighter - it's done and I've read they are adventures.

So, what are your other options? Rent a bike while you're there, ship your bike there and back. The cheapest option is going to be rent a bike. Europeans are fanatic cyclists and hikers. Do some google searching and drill down to the kind of bike you want to rent. I don't think you will be disappointed and will find what you might like. If you are dead set on using your own set of wheel - and I can understand why as I am an avid cyclist too - there are plenty of companies like DSL, Fedex and UPS to name 3 of the biggest ones, that will ship your bike and deliver it to a hotel or hostile you might want to stay at then they'll be glad to ship it back for you. My bet is that's a pretty pricey option even if you chose the cheapest option - by ship - which would require some pretty careful advance planning. A while ago, I checked pricing on shipping two suitcases from Atlanta to Rome. We were flying to Rome and cruising out of Civitavecchia but had a pre-and post cruise stay. I don't remember exact pricing but it was outrageously expensive. 

Rent one.

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2 hours ago, Psycho and Barb said:

We’ve seen a group of bikers bring their Harleys on a cruise and they were off loaded in port so they could ride and loaded back on for the next port. 

Special cruise as arranged by a TA with an added up charge.

Seen them advertised by TA's

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This is  what prompted the question. From the RCI  FAQ's

What items are prohibited onboard a Royal Caribbean Cuise Ship?

Exceptions can be made for the following sporting goods; however, the item must be stored in the guest’s stateroom and cannot be used onboard.

  • Baseball Bats, Hockey Sticks, Cricket Bats, and Golf clubs
  • Skateboards, Surfboards, and Bicycles

More research required I guess.

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  • 2 months later...

To update my OP ----- didn't even bother dialing ---- i knew email would be slow but answers do eventually come, 8 weeks, NICE! They have WAYYYYYY more important dealings right now.  But at least a real person typed it out. I did not think about the two levels of processing at Ports - RCCL  staff and PORT staff. i expect the only true RCCL staff is behind the check in counter the rest is port staff.

In anycase my bike plan probably has more hurdles with port staff , RCCL  says just bring it ,  no advance mention needed, boxed or not. If it can fit on the x-ray bed it will go through or will get inspected at some point before coming on. I think each ship will , depending how accommodating they want to be , find a spot in some corner in the hold for a bike box otherwise it becomes a piece of furniture in the room.

They must have large x-ray equipment for all the consumables that come on - that would be a big security hole if not, but maybe there are country differences at the ports security wise. RCCL policy ultimately relies on port staff.

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