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(6.15.21) New Cruise Planner Sale - but no excursions reduced?


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A new cruise planner sale dropped today so I ran to try to re-book an excursion that got cancelled when our ship was changed...but none of the excursions for any of our scheduled ports show as discounted...

Is this a case of Royal IT failing to update or are  "select excursions" being extra selective?




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I do not see anything different to all the previous "sales" they have been running over the last year. Basically they have just consistently yo-yo'd between prices during sale/not sale and absolutely nothing is tempting me to get my credit card out. 

I can't help thinking this is a missed opportunity for revenue because some of the onboard stuff that doesn't cost them anything, such as the ship tour, cup cake classes, etc.,  could be discounted more to tempt people to book.

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9 hours ago, Letterkenny said:

where is the best place to book bungalows at Labadee.

first time cruiser 

Since labadee is a private island you have to book this excursion through Royal Caribbean's Cruise Planner.  Once you're logged in, go to the Shore Excursions Tab at the upper bar and click Labadee.

There are a couple of reservable, covered options that I've seen: various cabanas, beach bed and bungalows. Based on reading, the bungalows seem like cabana-lite and the beach bed is a bungalow-lite. Cabanas are the most expensive and seem to offer the most options.


Hope that helps.

All that said - there's no NEED to book them at labadee as there are a lot of seating options available and food spread around the island.

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