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More Changes for Adventure Cruises Out of Nassau

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Vaccinated guests now need to get a PCR test at their cost before leaving for the Bahamas. I don’t mind it as it gives some peace of mind before traveling to Nassau, it’s just the constant changes that can be frustrating. Just trying to stay patient as Royal figures out what works best as they get slammed in the media for a couple of positives onboard. 



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11 minutes ago, smokeybandit said:

Before entering the Bahamas? Or boarding?  RC is going to need to clarify that.


It wouldn't surprise me at all if by the time my cruise comes around, they'll be following Singapore cruise rules

“Before arriving in the Bahamas” For June 19 sailings forward.

Agree that more clarification is still needed however. It seems like Royal is implying that the negative test needs to be submitted for the Bahamas Health Visa. Unless something has changed, that’s not required for vaccinated guests and those under 10.

I understand things are changing by the hour but Royal needs to communicate better. They’re getting slammed pretty hard on social media as they don’t even seem to be contacting guests directly about it. I know I haven’t received anything from them. 

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Yeah they defiantly need some more clarification on specifics. I can see a number of people having issues that go to the Bahamas for a few days pre-cruise. The constantly changing goalpost is by far the most frustrating thing. One positive at least is there shouldn't be a cost to get one before you leave at least in the US. 

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1 hour ago, smokeybandit said:

In theory based on that, if you go to the Bahamas for a week before your cruise, you could be 12 days past your test when  you board. 

I'm going 2 days prior, and I sure don't want to get to the terminal and get denied boarding because they *meant* 5 days before the cruise, not 5 days before arriving in the Bahamas.

Yes I can understand your concern.  Clarification would help.  Still a knee jerk reaction on Royal's part because of recent development.

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I know we're following these changes closely and the general public isn't, but these constant changes don't convey a strong sense of confidence to the customer base.  

As much as I'd like to cruise, personally I'll need to see several months of cruises going out with consistent protocols before I can feel comfortable booking.  

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I mentioned this in the roll call thread, but most of us that booked Adventure cruises back in March or April were under the understanding we'd have to get PCR tests 5 days before the cruise because The Bahamas required it.

Then The Bahamas dropped the requirement for vaccinated people.

So it's not completely out of left field.  However, if you're booked on the 19th, there's definitely a bit more scrambling to contend with.

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