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UK government confirms international cruising can restart at the same time as all international travel

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This morning the UK government confirmed that international cruising out of the UK will be treated exactly the same as all international travel as so will therefore be allowed to resume at the same time as international travel which could be as early as May 17th. They will make an announcement on exactly when international travel can resume on April 12th and so international cruising will be allowed resume from whatever date they announce then. They will be adopting a traffic light system, whereby each country will have different requirements based on their vaccine rollout, covid numbers, etc and international cruising will follow the same traffic light system. I wonder if Royal Caribbean and other cruise lines regret announcing UK only cruises as there is now a good chance they would have been able to offer some form of international cruises this summer. Very good news though nonetheless.

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In terms of potential regret they faced the same potential in the Caribbean.  Imagine for the moment a United States where the federal government was working with the cruise industry.  The decision to move offshore would have been less obvious.  Given the uncertainty and unknowns they made the choices they have made.

As far as the UK goes, we can't really say until the date that international travel will be allowed is known.  However it is refreshing seeing a government that treats all international travel equally and one that communicates their intentions.  If April 12th comes and the UK government says nothing, provides an ambiguous or impossible answer then they aren't much better compared to the US government and the cruise lines did the right thing.

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