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Using a Travel Agent after having to re-book


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Fellow Cruisers, 

As a lot of us have had cruises cancelled in the past year I just wanted to share with everyone something interesting that I just stumbled upon. I had a cruise cancelled last September and again this past February. My Cruise had been completely paid off going into Sept since final pay date had already occurred. We took the %125 credit and moved to February sailing. When I started listening to RCB podcast in December and hearing so much about using a Travel Agent I wanted to give it a try. I reached out to MEI travel to see if I could transfer my reservation to an agent. (I have now re-booked again for this upcoming September) When I told Sharla Manglass that the cruise was paid off I was bummed to find out that you cannot move it to a travel agent at that point. A couple of weeks later I was on my cruise planner (I am weird and look at the deals like once a week for changes to price and offerings) and noticed I had a balance of just under $300 on my cruise that was owed. I remembered that each time you have to move your cruise they refund you the Port Fees and Taxes. With the information that my cruise was not technically paid in full I got back with Sharla and she was able to take ownership of my reservation because it was more than 6 months out at the time. If you have been thinking about using a travel agent perhaps on your next sailing that you book but think you cant on your current because you began booking so long ago, this might be a loophole for you.

This is my first post so bare with me if this is of no use to anyone, looking forward to connecting with everyone.

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