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Flags displayed on ships

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I noticed last year onboard Allure as we entered a port that country’s flag was displayed up front high in the superstructure. I saw SOS entering Miami this am displaying 🇺🇸 flag. Just wondering if this is some kind of maritime tradition for cruise ships since cargo ships don’t change their flags. 
Watching SOS this morning made me want to get there and get on board 😂 

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Ahh as a former Royal Navy signalman, this is right up my street. 

This is not a maritime law per se, but nautical etiquette.  A foreign flagged vessel, (RCL ships are registered in the Bahamas) visiting a port, routinely fly the flag of the country they are visiting from a prominent position. Usually the masthead, or starboard outer yardarm as a mark of respect. The flag for the country of registration is normally displayed from the Ensign Staff, at the stern.

It is endearing to see such maritime tradiitions continue in the modern age

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2 hours ago, Momof4crazytocruise said:

And any RC ship in and out of Texas also flies the Texas flag. LOL. And hangs it prominently in the centrum or promenade. As a non-native resident of Texas, I find this pretty amusing. The Texans love their flag! RC know how to pander to their audience. 

I hadn't noticed...


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