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7 minutes ago, JLMoran said:

Yup,  your husband will automatically have the same Diamond status you have since you're married / share the same address. Same will be true if you get to D+ ahead of him.

This is correct.

If he ever gets to Pinnacle, however, you'd have to earn that on your own.

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1 hour ago, Matt said:

If he ever gets to Pinnacle, however, you'd have to earn that on your own.

Pinnacle is granted through a relationship like all other levels.  It is not passed down to dependent children though.  Dependent children associated status stops at D+.  

19 minutes ago, Atlantix2000 said:

Is it truly automatic though?  Probably better to call and make sure your C&A accounts are linked.

It may not always be automatic especially when people enter relationships later in life - i.e. re-marry or otherwise establish a relationship without a long cruise history together.

Bottom line it's a simple phone call or email to request or confirm that your significant other is noted as being in a relationship with you.  It takes a few days so don't wait until the week of your cruise.  

Once a relationship is recognized by Royal all future C&A level changes are automatic applied to both accounts.

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[email protected]rccl.com

‭(800) 526-9723‬

Just make sure the addresses for both accounts are the same before contacting them.  

Once it's done both accounts will show who ever has the higher number of points and both will show the highest status, Diamond in your case.  

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