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Voom Surf & Stream 4 devices

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Going on Oasis 03/21/21,... My dh & myself in a cabin and another dear couple/friends in another. Can I buy 1-4 device Voom package and split it between us 4? Do we are get separate logins --also can we all be on 1 device at the same time? It just seemed financially savvy to do it this way instead of buy 4-1 device plans......

Thanks for all of your input.... I greatly appreciate it

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4 package for me made great sense for the next few bookings. First off it was priced about the same as a 2 device package usually is. Then  we do have 4 of us. The biggie though is that flexibility to sign out and in on different devices. Our kids will be virtually schooling. We had picked dates not in school and they just changed on us this week.  So that kicked the necessity up a notch  to go to surf and stream which is faster... 


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