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We left NCL 8 years ago and started cruising DCL exclusively. 2 years ago we tried RCL and loved it. We have gone on 5 cruises since and have three booked for this year. August 2020 back to back on Harmony and November on the Odyssea. We gamble quite heavily during our cruises and very often book two cabins per cruise and bring our kids. We receive many offers and I presume due to covid, we have received an awesome offer that we decided to book our 4th cruise in 2020.

Just got off the telephone with a Casino Royale Rep and I am fuming! My wife and I received the same offer, free balcony + $200 casino free play. Went to go book to celebrate my 50th birthday at the end of September 2020. Guess what, "so sorry you can combine the offers and pay MORE on the same cruise, but NO you cannot use the offer each on the same cruise". What? What!? Does that even make sense to anyone with a brain stem??? We gamble, earned a reward certificate but are dictated on how we may use it??? Cant use both on the same cruise BUT IF YOU UPGRADE TO A SUITE AND PAY FOR IT WHEN THE OFFER IS "FREE" YOU CAN. This is enough for me to STOP cruising RCL and go back to DCL and NCL. GREAT JOB CASINO ROYALE!!!

I never post not care to but this has pushed me over the edge. Good riddance RCL and I am so glad that we are able to CANCEL THE THREE CRUISES WE HAVE BOOKED THIS YEAR!!!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU!

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12 minutes ago, Charlie C said:

We gamble on RCL.

Have you each tried calling separately and booking one room each? It seems as if you are trying to do a combined reservation at which point I can see why the system is kicking it out. One would assume and I’m sure the offer terms would dictate the person getting the comp room would have to be staying in it. @WAAAYTOOO have you run into this issue?  @Charlie C It’s the same in Vegas casinos, I can’t book a comp room for someone else That isn’t me. 

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I'm not entirely sure that I understood the OP but I think they are saying that they were not allowed to combine 2 casino offers.  If that is what they told you, then you were given bogus information.

Both Dan and I are Prime members and usually get identical offers on clubroyaleoffers.com.  We have always been able to combine our offers, which bumps you up one cabin category and then either get a "free" cruise (which is never free...there are always taxes, ports fees and gratuities to pay) or you can upgrade to a higher category with a casino discount. And OBTW, if your offers say "$100 free play", then you will BOTH get $100 free play on the combined offer.

There is one rule regarding combining offers.  You can combine certificates so long as they were earned on the SAME sailing or they are the SAME online offer.  You canNOT combine certificates from different sailings and you cannot apply more than 1 certificate/offer to a cruise except as I described (same sailing/same offer code).  You cannot combine an online offer and a certificate from a sailing. Basically, you can only apply 1 casino discount per cruise except for the certificates/offers that are the "same".

Regarding the issue of a second cabin, in the past, Club Royale has extended SOME offers to a second cabin but not always.  We have never tried to do this so I really am not familiar with how it works.

My recommendation is to get a good travel agent that has experience dealing with the casino.  It matters.  A lot.  If you have not yet booked your offer, I recommend you contact Michelle Cunningham ([email protected]) as she is the best at dealing with the casino.

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