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Hello all,

We are sailing on the Adventure of the Seas this Saturday Oct. 26. I have a question hoping that one of you might know? We purchased the Key program for this cruise and was wondering on the final day when we return to Ft. Lauderdale, our flight departs at noon. My question is? Would we have time to have breakfast in the Main Dining room before we leave? We plan to be up and ready to go by 6:00 am. We also plan on having our luggage with us so that after we eat, we can hopefully disembark quick. I think there is priority disembarkation with the Key?


Do you think we'd have enough time or should we high tail it to the airport? I think the Ft. Lauderdale airport is somewhat close to the port, correct?? Thanks all! Any info would be helpful


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13 minutes ago, CJS2766 said:

Would we have time to have breakfast in the Main Dining room before we leave?

Oh yes. The Fort Lauderdale airport is literally next door to the cruise port.

Even if you took your sweet time and got off the ship at 9am, you'd be at airport by 9:30 or so at the latest, leaving lots of time to check in.

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3 hours ago, CJS2766 said:

Thank you Matt! We haven't even started the cruise, but was already worried about disembarkation! Ha Ha BTW? Do we need to notify anyone that we will have our luggage with us the day we leave vs leaving it out the night before??

Nope, its either with you, or outside your door. No need to notify

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