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Navigating around the hurricanes. 4 night Navigator Cruise 9/23-9/27


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Today went so smooth, after we left the waterless hotel! We piled the kids in the car with the iPads and off we went to the port. Lydia asked as we drove past on the causeway, are we going on a cruise?????? Nah kid, we are not.

She bought that answer and went back to the iPad.

I then had my parenting fail of the day. I reach behind me to tap Johnny’s leg, which of course makes him cry, so the surprise!! We are going on a cruise fell flat??‍♂️

It took a few takes to get a good video to send to family.

once at the port everything went according to plan. We pulled up, dropped the bags with the porter, drove the 6 minutes to return the car.

we called our Uber which was there in 30 seconds and back to the port we went.

Here is the obligatory propeller shot


took this elevator 




Got our muster station bands




The Royal Promenade 



windjammer for lunch!!



from drop-off to on the ship was 5 minutes!!

phone is in airplane mode, connected to Voom, LETS DO THIS!!!

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Okay, time to get caught up here. I give a lot of credit to those that are able to keep up with these. Its been a crazy busy cruise so far!

So back to Day 1 stuff.

Following luch we headed to the back of the ship to check out the slides. Day one lines were very short, so we all got lots of rides in. My younges was too short to do the blaster, but he loved the riptide slide. As I am typing this up I am sitting on the suite lounge deck and can see that the lines today are short as well. I'm sure that since most kids are in school, that is helping keep the lines low. There are very few children on this sailing.

After the slides we got changed and ready for sail away, and the "mustard wharehouse drill" as Johnny called it. We did sail away on the helipad.

He's ready to move on.



Here comes the coast guard.



Finally the lines are pulled



And we are off



New terminal under construction




We are heading towards Miami because she was nosed into port. Need to spin around in the turning basin.



Norwegian Sky is in port too.IMG_0081.thumb.JPG.85cd030799221f960d0153bdf54491a9.JPG

Once we turned around in the turning basin, we followed her out to sea.




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Cabin Tour:

We are in a 2br Grand Suite 8694. This is on the very back of the ship. General thoughts, there is tons of storage in this cabin. We did notice some vibrations when the ship was sailing. It never really bothered us, and at times almost seemed soothing. The times it was very noticable was when backing into ports and whether the azipods were fully rotated, or switched into reverse, you really felt the vabrations then. Unfortunately this woke me up each morning. So here I am on a relaxing cruise and I have woken up at 5-5:30 each morning.....Everyone else slept through it. 

Here is the kids room, prior to the beds being split


Kids bathroom


This stateroom had a large walk in closet


Living room with more storage. There is also a table with 4 chairs.


Master Bedroom


Hers and Hers closets in the Master


Vanity Area


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Dinner Time!!!

We ate in the MDR for dinner each night. We like the food there, and with our youngest not being very adventurous with his meal choices we dont want to pay the cover at a specialty restaurant for him to order grilled cheese.

So here is the night one menu. Standard across the fleet.



So Johnny ordered...........wait for it.................


Grilled cheese with a side of broccoli. (He actually loves broccoli) He ordered this for dinner EVERY night on our Anthem cruise.

Lydia had her best day ever with pizza and french fries


Heather and I ordered the escargot and antipasti plate for our appetizer.



I had the chicken marsala, it was okay


Heather had the prime rib, which was very good.


Heather and I had the creme brulee for dessert.......which was actually overcooked. We ate one bite and said no more.


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1 hour ago, emsff02 said:



One bite is about all I can stand of creme brûlée, as good as it is.   It’s just sooooo sweet.

...and speaking of waaaytooo sweet, do NOT fall for the Addams Family ads from IHOP for those cool-looking purple whupped cream pancakes.  I tried it this morning (including the whipped crean hot chocolate).  I thought my teeth were going to drop out of my mouth.   Delicious but waaaytooo sweet 


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Well, we are sitting in the airport to go home. Time to get cought up on this. 

Following dinner we dropped the kids off at Adventure Ocean and Heather and I grabbed a drink and wandered around the ship. Heather wanted to play bingo......so I wanted to play bingo. We lost...... oh well. Adventure Ocean was done at 10pm so we grabbed the kids and it was time for bed. 


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The next day we woke up in Nassau. I woke up early that morning due to the vibrations of the azipods as they turned the ship around to back into the slip. This is the main draw back to those aft family suites. The superstructure around the balcony does not bother me.

As we backed into our slip, we joined Carnival Elation with is wHeird add on balconies


Majesty Was here too


Our destinaton for the day.



We hopped up to the Windjammer for breakfast. This guy was helping the Washy Washy Duo with the mornings entertainment.


After breakfast we met our fellow excurioners at Studio B where we got our wristbands and signed waivers for Atlantis. This worked well. We went to Atlantis last February on Anthem, and all this was done on the pier and was a jumbled mess. We had followed @Matt's advice and had brought a bumch of bottles of water with us from some beverage purchases. As we made our way to the shuttles, there were some locals stategically staged at the exit hawking water for $2 stating that they are $5 at Atlantis (they are not). A quick daredevil shuttle ride and we were there.

It was absolutely amazing how empty the resort felt. One of the benefits of traveling off season. We found empty seats immediately in our area of choice. We rode all of the slides with wait times of less than a minute for any of them. Walking around, it felt like there was less than 500 people there. The place almost felt empty. 

Food and beverage at Atlantis. Tip, at the snack shop by the splash pad area there is a water bottle fill station, so water is not an issue. For soda drinkers, the fountains are self serve, so once you buy your cup I got multiple refills. The food was tasty too!

One crazy thing that happened, I went down The Abyss slide, and went so fast that as I hit a water curtain in the slide it gave me a bloody nose!!

While the excursion notes said 5hrs, we were told that the last shuttle to the ship was at 6pm so you had nearly 9 full hours there. We headed back around 4:30 though.

When we got back, Grandeur had replaced the ugly Carnival Ship


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Night 2 Dinner:

Once back on the ship we got ready for dinner and headed to the MDR.

Tonights menu


The spoiling of my kids has started.


On Anthem, our kids were surprised with Chocolate Covered Strawberries by our waiter, so Johnny had expected them with this cruise, so on night one was dissapointed they werent there. Irene, our waitress made up for it on night 2.

For appetizers I got the escargot again, and the lobster Bisque


This was actually kind of dissapointing, this tasted more like a tomato soup, and there were no pieces of lobster in this. This was not the case on Anthem when I had it last.

Heather got the Calamari. Here is what is left before I acted like a 5 year old with the tenticles hanging out of my mouth.


Our Mains were the duck, and seafood linguini. Both of which were quite good.



Johnny got......wait for it.......


Spaghetti!!!!! He surprised us all and ordered something completely different. He then crushed my Italian heritage by stating that this plate of spaghetti is better than what I make.........

Here he is playing with his napkin


After dinner we ran into this guy..


He is quite entertaining, and we began seeking out the elevators he was on each night.

We got back to the stateroom and had our first towel animal


WIth the kids dropped off at adventure ocean we found a great drink at Copper and Clover



We took in the show which was eh...Time to board the plane. More to come.

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I woke up @WAAAYTOOO early again at 5 am (couldn't resit the pun) curtesy of the azipods rotating the ship. The nice thing is that allowed me to get some great morning shots and explore the ship on my own without large crowds. Here are some early morning shots of Coco Cay from our balcony.

This reverse thrusting is what woke me up earlier.


All of the carts waiting to offload supplies for the day.


Water Park


It certainly will be a perfect day


Lots of infrastructure for the habitants


Soon I will be in one of those cabanas back there


Here comes the sun.



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Wandering around a sleepy ship

Went up to the cosmopolotin club/viking crown lounge


The suite lounge is nice, and has a nice little breakfast set up with a self serve espresso maker. I wish I had discovered this earlier in the cruise!


The pain au chocolate brought back memories from my travels in France. I spent a few months there and ate one of those for breakfast every day. These were close, but not as good. I ate them anyway ?



There is some nice outdoor seating that overlooks the sports deck/slides.


Wandering topside I discovered Grandeur had rejoined us.



Pool deck shots


This guy was on board





Here is the Suite area 


Here is a close up of the sign. I can tell you that this is not very well enforced. We sat in this area and two people were sleeping in the left most cabana with very obvious blue seapass cards. If it weren't for the fact that the rest of the area was empty I would have gotten security involved to have them relocated, but I didn't want to become the next youtube/news story regarding "profiling"


On a nicer note, here is the mini golf area.



The Solarium


There goes all of the chefs


Lots of food going ashore.



A nice place to sit if walking the 15 feet further to the gangway is too far


Headed back inside

The promenade


Neat metal wall art



Gotta get a picture of the car






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Finally the family is up, breakfast from Windjammer is eaten and onto Coco Cay!


Looking back at the ships


Don't scare the mermaids!!! ( I hear they bite)


Ahhhhhh relaxing in the cabana. We were in #8 which was preassigned. I forgot to take a picture but many have been posted before. All of them are new. They changed the design. Now all of them have a front porch vs a side porch. Each one comes equiped with a ceiling fan, power outlet, a comfy couch perfect for naps (personally tested) Two side chairs, 4 lounge chairs, two floating beach mats, two sets of snorkel gear. There is a table like thing that has a locking compartment for valuables and a cooler stocked with cold bottled water. 

Contrary to some other comments, we had a cabana attendant who gave us a buzzer for us to call her any time we neaded something. She got our lunch and drinks for us any time we needed something. 

Again, per a suggestion from @Matt, we had the crispy chicken sandwich and added mozerella sticks.....it was yummy.

So were these


My kids spent a lot of time here because they weren't tall enough for the regular water park


They were perfectly content playing here and swiming on the beach.

I had a visitor while keeping an eye on the kids here


We also had this guy


Lydia wanted to make friends with him.......she...did....not......


After a great day here we headed back to the ship. Like other people have said, I loved the additions to Perfect Day. I have been here twice before and still get the island vibe. The island absolutely manages crowds well. Even though we had a cabana, just walking around I could see that there were plenty of loungers for everyone. Even with two ships there were tons of empty seats. We had no issues finding seats at splash away bay to watch over the kids. Bar service was quick when I was getting a drink on my own. I will gladly come back and look forward to coming with the kids when they are bigger and can do the slides. 


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Thanks for this! I'll be on Navigator October 21 and I'm losing my mind with excitement. Your pictures are GORGEOUS! What's the name of the parfait-looking drinks you had at Coco Cay?


Even though we had a cabana, just walking around I could see that there were plenty of loungers for everyone.

Thanks for this observation -- there are only 2 of us and we can't fathom dropping 100s of dollars for a cabana or a beach bed. I'm worried about finding 2 loungers with an umbrella in the Chill Island region. Last time we reserved a clamshell thingy (official term I'm sure) with the 2 loungers on South Beach and loved it.

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On 9/30/2019 at 8:46 PM, kimberussell said:

Thanks for this! I'll be on Navigator October 21 and I'm losing my mind with excitement. Your pictures are GORGEOUS! What's the name of the parfait-looking drinks you had at Coco Cay?

Thanks for this observation -- there are only 2 of us and we can't fathom dropping 100s of dollars for a cabana or a beach bed. I'm worried about finding 2 loungers with an umbrella in the Chill Island region. Last time we reserved a clamshell thingy (official term I'm sure) with the 2 loungers on South Beach and loved it.

Sorry for the delay in replying. The drinks were Kraken Lava Flows. They are very tasty!

I agree with you on the cabana pricing. We will be back on Coco Cay next November, and it will just be the 2 of us then as well. Chill Island are $900 for that sailing. There is no way I can justify that cost. Now if there is anyone on that Odyssey sailing that wants to share the cost........Bueller?????? Bueller????

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So, back on the ship and we headed to the MDR for dinner again. I somehow forgot to get a photo of the menu.

For starters, escargot, and Asian style pork tacos


Heather has the Shrimp,


I had the Steak Diane 


in true fashion, our server felt we never had enough to eat, Johnny got his strawberries, and Heather and I were each given extra shrimp with our meals. She then brought me the tagliatelle with mushrooms because I had to try it!


Dessert was the 50th Anniversary party, so we got this cake


complete with multiple extra lollipops for the kids.

Heather also got the cherries jubilee 


I got these


we had an addition to our towel animal collection upon returning to our stateroom 



with the kids dropped off at Adventure Ocean, we hit the pub, 


found a duck, Heather was Sooooooo excited!!


and took in the show, the duck did too.


The show was Ronn Lucas who is a ventriloquist. His show was great and really funny!!

We found this guy again


then called it a night.

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Day 4, Sea Day

Day 4 was a sea day. Not too many pictures today. Today I finally slept past 6am YAAAAAYYYY!!! Following breakfast, we had few things on the agenda. The kids went to adventure ocean for a morning session, Heather and I came close to winning a trivia game, and we spent time on the suite lounge balcony.  Later we retrieved the kids for lunch and went up to the pool deck to get some sun, and the kids wanted to swim. We got lunch from El Loco Fresh, and the food was great. I have not eaten at a Sabor so I cannot compare, but I would be perfectly happy eating there again, and again.

While on the pool deck was when we discovered that they do not police the suites area well. Like I had mentioned earlier, there were two people sleeping in a cabana that clearly had blue seapass cards. We were able to get seats, so I didnt make an issue of it.

We watched the belly flop competition, always a good time. The guy that won, washed a kid away with his flop!

We attempted to ride the water slides again, but this day the lines were quite long. I'm very glad we got these in on day 1.

We gave the kids options for things to do, they chose Harry Potter trivia over the ice show. We lost....oh well

The kids went back to adventure ocean while Heather and I took in the wines around the world. I was hoping for different wine than what we did on Anthem, but it was the same stuff. Last time we do that.



An interesting day, we had two people who were evacuated by helicoptor for medical emergencies. Both times, the ship had to speed towards Miami, then once the person was evacuated, we turned back out to see. Looking at the ships path on the TV was funny seeing the multiple loops. 

Dinner was back at the MDR

Here is the menu


More strawberries for Johnny,  I go the coconut shrimp this time and the lamb shank. Heather got the prime rib. More spaghetti for the kids.

That evening we all went and saw the original production of Showgirls. It was actually really good!

Normally we would be really sad about packing, but knowing what we had coming up Heather and I had some excitment in the air.

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Disembarkation Day

We woke up back in Miami. We were nose out this time. 


The windjammer was crazy, as to be expected, so we finally took advantage of breakfast in Chops. We keep forgetting that we have that option.

Johnny had some of the thicket french toast I had ever seen


We walked our own luggage off the ship at 8:45 with the suite concierge. Once in the terminal, we were so glad that we had passports. The line for everyone else was soooooooooo long. Unfortunately the facial ID stuff did not recognize the kids, so we had to wait about 5 minutes in line for an actual person who took a cursory glance at our passports and sent us on our way. Ten minutes later we were in our Uber to the rental car.

We used Sixt again, unfortunatly no sweet upgrade this time, so we were in a Toyota Highlander. Off we went for our "Loooooonnng Drive" We kept the kids distracted with the Ipads and had the voice turned down on the GPS to keep things under wraps.

We were staing at Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort, which is on Disney property near Epcot, so as we drove under the arch and we pointed it out to the kids, needless to say it got a little loud in the car. Heather had her parenting fail and forgot to get a picture of that moment.

We got checked into our room and into our matching t-shirts..........and off to Magic Kingdom we went.


We took the ferry from the transportation center


And got on our second "cruise" of the week


annnnnd we are here!!!


So we are here for the Mickeys Not So Spooky Halloween Party. Heather was able to get all fan girlish for the Sanderson sisters. She loves the movie hocus pocus, and this is the only time these characters are out. The kids were excited because they got to go trick or treating around the park.

We went on a bunch of rides. We also got tickets to the dessert party on the tomorrow land terrace. This was great because we had a great place to sit for the fireworks with an amazing view. The desserts were yummy too. They had smaller bites of many of the special desserts being sold around the park so we got to sample everything.



At midnight, we went on another cruise!!!!

Someone wasn't impressed with my dad joke


Annnnnd they are out



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Love your review!  We were on Navigator in August so it's great to "see it" again.  

Question about Disney as we are planning this next year after Mariner cruise.  Do you remember what time you arrived at your resort?  (which I guess will be quicker for us as we'll be getting off at Port Canaveral vs Miami).  Also, did you check in right away?  Or did you have to store your bags?

The moment when your kids realized must have been priceless!

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