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  1. thank you that is what I needed to know. Leaving real passports in the safe on the ship, and will have photo ID + picture of passport on phone for ports.
  2. If I have photos of my passport on my phone, would you still recommend a paper photo copy as an additional back up as well? When I go to Atlantis and Coco Cay, what do I need in terms of passport/copies?
  3. Reading thru some threads it sounds like you can order off menu at the Main Dinning Room. Does anyone have some example of things they have ordered off menu?
  4. I read your entire blog and we are going on our first cruise on 10/14 and its the same one you went on which was very informative. Unfortunately we also booked the same hotel that you did. When I booked it some time back the reviews seemed pretty good, but now it seems like most of the reviews have not been good. Its only 2 nights, but I'm a little worried. We are ubering so won't be paying for parking at least.
  5. about to go on first cruise, what would happen if my teenager loses his Coca-Cola cup that comes with the refreshment package we bought for him? also where does he get his cup, I assume from the room, but do you have access to your room as soon as you board or do you have to wait awhile?
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