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An Ovation Vacation! - B2B Alaska Cruise - June 28th


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9 hours ago, twangster said:

There are ride share shuttles if you are are opposed to the 6 minute walk.  

Only 6 minutes? That isn't too bad, we do have a lot of bags though so it might make it a little harder.

4 hours ago, FL Lake Gal said:


Happy departure day!!  2 weeks in Alaska will be nothing short of amazing.

We are brand new to cruising and will be on Ovation later in July.  I would love to hear if there are any formal attire dining nights... or any themed ones that we should pack for appropriately.  I haven't seen any info about either of these in our docs or cruise info... but I saw something in another post about a 70's night.  Curious to see what happens during your schedule.

Agree that it's hard leaving the dogs behind for awhile - the spy camera part makes it a bit easier.  

Anyhow, ENJOY!!  We are very excited to follow along with you...  

Welcome to the cruising life! Hope you enjoy your cruise on Ovation later this summer. There are two formal nights, day two and day six. You can still dress casual if you wish, or formal every night if you want! There is also a 70s Disco night on day three if dressing up for theme nights is your thing. If you want to see an Ovation cruise compass that shows the events and activities from a previous week, here's the link: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compasses/ovation-of-the-seas/fri-2019-05-31-0000

It is hard leaving our dog behind. Packing this morning was hard because he kept showing us those puppy dog eyes saying, "no don't leave me!" Hope you enjoy the blog and that it gives you a sneak peek on what to expect on your cruise!

4 hours ago, WannaCruise said:

What an amazing trip planned.  Safe travels.  Looking forward to following along.

Thanks for the well wishes! Hope you enjoy following along on the journey with me.

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Airport Update

And now the 2.5 week adventure begins... We are now at the airport waiting on the flight to Seattle. Only 20 minutes until we board on the flight! We aren't even in Seattle yet and I already have a story for the blog... How exciting!

While sitting down at the gate we see that a passenger from the previous flight was being arrested for excessive intoxication. Sounds like their vacation isn't going to plan anymore! Hope we don't have any other crazy things happen to us on this trip. Fingers crossed that there aren't any crazy Canadians, Seattlites, or cruisers on this vacation like there were last year!

The plan once we arrive in Seattle is to go to the hotel and if we're hungry go get some dinner in Downtown Seattle. 

Chao Cha... wait, wrong blog. Talk once I'm in Seattle!

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Ship Update

We're on the ship! Ovation does feel smaller than any of the Oasis Class ships, but of course that was expected. She is still huge, and will be a great place to spend two weeks while touring Alaska! 

We have Coastal Kitchen booked for 6:30pm tonight, and we are planning to go see the virtual symphony at two70 after dinner. At 5pm we hope to go to the Concierge Lounge to speak with our Concierge Representative, Nadia, to book the "North Star Premium Extended Ride Experience." I didn't see it on our cruise planner at home, so I hope it isn't fully booked already. @twangster: I know you did the experience on your Alaskan Cruise; how did you book it? 

The Muster Drill is slowly approaching... And that means Sail Away is too! We are excited to get out of Seattle and on to the open water. 

I plan to do a room tour on Periscope (@CraftyCat05) in about 15 minutes if VOOM will work... So far my experience with VOOM on my phone has been less than stellar. There has been random disconnects from the network and the wifi has lost bars intermittently. This hasn't happened on my computer though, so I guess there's an issue with my phone ?

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5 hours ago, twangster said:

In the Royal IQ app or at shore excursions.  In your case the Concierge can also book it for you.

Thanks! I was expecting it to be fully booked, but luckily it wasn't. The Concierge was able to get us a slot early in the morning when we should be sailing past some beautiful glaciers.

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On 6/26/2019 at 10:25 PM, MotleyCruiser said:

Top circle is the Rideshare area. Bittom is terminal entrance. Taxi can get closer.  


Also. If you are renting a car for your four days when you return give yourself an extra hour because SeaTac's car rental building is very far from the airport terminal.


When we walked off out to the ride share area foot traffic appeared to be moving as fast or faster then the vehicles.  So it may be faster to walk if you expect to arrive at a time there will be heavy traffic.  We each only had a roller checked bag and a backpack so walking was not bad.  If you are carrying more bags that might factor also.

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On ‎6‎/‎29‎/‎2019 at 12:08 PM, ScooterScott22 said:

When we walked off out to the ride share area foot traffic appeared to be moving as fast or faster then the vehicles.  So it may be faster to walk if you expect to arrive at a time there will be heavy traffic.  We each only had a roller checked bag and a backpack so walking was not bad.  If you are carrying more bags that might factor also.

yes, that is one jam packed terminal as far as vehicles. Walking is better, but we had 3 Suitcases, 3 carry-ons and a 9 month old to drag along.

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Hey everyone!

These past couple of days have been fun, and full of activities, excursions, shows, and food! Because of how busy I've been on this cruise, I haven't had much time to write and sort through pictures to post here on the blog. The WiFi here onboard has also been slow and dropping out at some points, making things a lot harder as well. To add even more fun to this, pictures aren't properly transferring from my SD Card to my computer, so I will need to figure that out tomorrow.

I'm hoping I'll have some time to catch up on writing and fixing my picture issues tomorrow and the next day while we're out at sea. We do have the North Star extended experience and iFly experience tomorrow, so tomorrow will also be busy! 

Sorry about the delay in posts and hopefully I'll have plenty of time to catch up soon. Let's hope this doesn't end up like last years blog!


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Ha!  No worries @CraftyCat05!  Enjoy every moment and just post when you can.  We thread followers absolutely understand!  ?

We will travel the same route in a couple of weeks and I'd love to hear about the weather you are having on this trip.  I clearly have too many piles of clothes laid out - would love to lighten the load based on your weather updates.

I bet NorthStar and IFly will be terrific.


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