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  1. Although my parents do enjoy trying new things, the amazing Indian food Royal Caribbean offers is always a comfort to them if the vegetarian options are not to their taste. It also gives them a little slice of home since my mom (who rarely dines out) has a difficult time not cooking for an entire week.
  2. My parents are soon-to-be empty nesters and they're already planning the vacations that can take in the months I would normally be in school. I can imagine their wallets will be happier...
  3. Looking at the Cruise Compass, dinner attire is stated as a suggestion. I know that my dad prefers to wear long khaki pants and a nice shirt and the women in my family prefer to wear a nice dress or outfit to dinner every night. What anyone else decides to wear is their decision and doesn't impact the quality of our experience in any way.
  4. Happy anniversary! We're boarding Ovation on the 26th, so I'm sad I won't be able to follow along. However, knowing how fun your live blogs are, I'm looking forward to reading about your Symphony experience when I get back! Especially with all the packing for college I have ahead of me.
  5. Excited to follow another Twangster Live Blog! We were on Empress two years ago solely for Cuba and were pleasantly surprised by how much we loved the ship. She gave us the perfect calm and relaxing feeling needed during a weekend off from school and work.
  6. Happy anniversary! A Mediterranean cruise is on my bucket list and we’re looking into Europe next Summer, but my family would rather do a land vacation. Hopefully I’ll be able to convince them in the future! Have a ton of fun on the cruise, I’m excited to follow along!
  7. @KristiZ Sadly we’re taking United home. I will see if we can get a later flight but I’m not sure if that’s a possibility. Thank you everyone for the help!
  8. @KristiZ Our cruise ends on a Friday and we're not TSA precheck. We will have two check in bags and purses but no carryons with us.
  9. I recently found out that my parents booked us on a 10 AM flight out of Seattle the day our cruise ends. Do you think it's possible to get off the ship by 8 AM? I'm worried about us being able to make it to our flight on time.
  10. We have only done MDR for breakfast once. Food was pretty standard and slightly lukewarm, but we had an amazing conversation with a couple seated at the same table! Although I do prefer breakfast in the WJ, you should try MDR and see if you like it.
  11. Loved hearing about the GC atmosphere and hope to join one sometime in the future!
  12. My first cruise was a 4 night Carnival cruise to the Bahamas in 2016 with my dad's side of the family. It was a ton fun and has definitely gotten me hooked on cruising!
  13. Have a great time on Ovation! We're sailing this itinerary in just under 4 weeks, so I can't wait to see and hear about your experience!
  14. July 26, 2019 Ovation to Juneau, Skagway, Victoria, BC for the first time.
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