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Dimond Longe On Majesty

FlowBro Ty

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On 12/17/2018 at 6:07 PM, Pooch said:

We found this event disappointing.  Hors d’ouerves tasteless & skimpy.  Staff less than friendly and cruisers pretty snooty.  We attended the first night for about 30 minutes & never went back.  

Snooty --- that made me laugh --- all I could think of was this guy from Ferris Bueller ---


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Just now, Pooch said:

Watched a cruiser rip into a waiter for having the audacity to pick up his glass with half a swallow left in it, insufferable ass!!!  

All the witnesses could've slipped the waiter a $5 bill for tolerating that arrogant A$$ --- the guy only embarrassed himself.

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My only suggestion would be to get there early and then tip the waiters on the first day. Then they recognize you and are more likely to stop by more often.   Now that I have small children, we rarely go to the diamond lounge, but if I do, I'll stand up near the "bar" and order my drink when they walk by.   They tend to be too busy for a casual stopper-by like me.

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