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  1. I've been on 18. For a while it was a goal. Just like visiting all 50 states (I have Maine (Scheduled for Sept) and South Carolina left). But as Twangster said, several of the ships stay in the Pacific and at this time, with young children, I'm not likely to hit those up any time soon. Depending on your view, we been on a "rut" of Oasis class cruises since our kids love the Boardwalk and we like to convince friends to go with us and we like to showcase the Oasis class.
  2. I can confirm what Antonio said. iMessage has worked for me on both Harmony and Quantum. I had heard that it's because the new App is going to use the same port (not ship port) as iMessage uses so they can't block it. Plus, I think they realize there really is no harm in allowing it. Just connect to the wifi on airplane mode and you should be able to send iMessages assuming your phone knows that the other phone is an iPhone (aka it sends blue text bubbles instead of green)
  3. I became Diamond Plus by marrying someone who was Diamond and then we cruised 2-3 times per year for a few years. ? We have some young kids 2 and 4. And the concierge lounge used to allow kids where Diamon lounge didn’t, which was an advantage. But now the DL also allows kids. Don’t worry. If we go there, we bring iPads and headphones to keep them entertained and quiet as to not bother other peoples’ experiences
  4. I couldn't find this question being asked on this forum so I apologize if it has been asked before. (Found one on another site but I trust you guys a lot more) Next week I'll be going to Labadee and we decided to get one of the Over the Water Cabanas. Does anyone happen to know if RCI offers life jackets/preservers on the island. I've been there close to 10 times but since I've never needed one for our kids, I've never really looked around for them. Wondering if I should bring our own from home. (My kids are roughly 3 and 5) Note: This is not in regards to the water inflatables area, this is just for swimming in front of our cabana. I know they have life jackets over there. Thanks in advance.
  5. The Trojan horse was really just a wooden towel animal and you saw how that worked out for the Greek-Trojan friendship. j/k
  6. My only suggestion would be to get there early and then tip the waiters on the first day. Then they recognize you and are more likely to stop by more often. Now that I have small children, we rarely go to the diamond lounge, but if I do, I'll stand up near the "bar" and order my drink when they walk by. They tend to be too busy for a casual stopper-by like me.
  7. Just to make sure you know. Chairs themselves are free (you can tip the employees who drag them over to where you want them). Of course these are the chairs without cushions and you'd have to find your own shade.
  8. @KathyC My last post indicated that it was showing me Serenade in the filters, but she is not actually in Europe.
  9. Yeah, for some reason the filters were showing Serenade as a filter option, but when I removed the Europe filter, it was actually in Alaska/Panama/West Coast during the date range I picked. So Phase 1 is really just 2 ships...boo
  10. Am I correct that "Phase 1" of Europe seems to be 3 ships that are deployed to England? Haven't seen anything else this week.
  11. I had mixed results the one time I tried to use a walkie talkie. Half the time the signal didn't penetrate the large amount of metal around us, and then you have to carry it around with you and have it out in order to hear that someone is trying to talk to you. On our most recent cruise, iMessages and GroupMe both worked without purchasing the internet package but I don't know that I'd count on that. Sticky notes work the best to say where you PLAN on being. But doesn't help if you change your plans
  12. Pretty sure you can rent movies through the TV menu. But the prices tend to be a little higher than I'm willing to pay. You're better off looking at the cruise compass and they may have a movie up on the pool deck or in the theater. Check out the past cruise compass section of this website to see whether they might typically play movies. There is also a "movie" channel. Where they play the same 3-5 movies over and over throughout the sailing. Typically I'll put them on when we're getting read for dinner and I'll be lucky if I get to see 33% of each movie.
  13. The ones I've seen kind of have a mattress that slides out like a drawer where your shins are when you sit on the couch. I know on 1 cruise, it only slid out far enough for 1 person to sleep the same way you would lay on the coach. But that room may have had a pullman out of the ceiling to allow 4 people in the room. Often my wife says the couch is more comfortable than the pull out bed.
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