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  1. I’m having a hard time making reservations for the Hiro show on Symphony. I tried both the app and the website. Based on your experience, is there an email for the reservations to request this? Or is it better to wait until we are onboard? Finally, do you know if any of the main shows on Symphony are age restricted? Thanks!!
  2. Hi, all! Just back from a three-week long adventure---a two week Transatlantic (other cruise line), followed immediately with a week on Symphony. My dates were May 21-May 28. I met my son in Barcelona, we did a little sightseeing and spent the night there, and then boarded Symphony the next day. It was a fabulous cruise and I thought I'd share a few tips, insights, photos, for those going on this cruise in the future. Side note, on my Transatlantic, I picked up what I think was norovirus. YIKES. I was SO SICK. Good grief. Fortunately, I was on the mend when we reached Symphony, but I barely ate the first few days. So here we go on my recap:
  3. I was on the March cruise from Miami to Barcelona (my 4th transatlantic with RC) in a balcony stateroom and thought the food in the main dining room was horrible. Like a wedding banquet at a Hamptons Inn. I went twice and that was it. Cold, uninspired, rushed service, nothing enticing at all, including the famous lobster tail. It tasted ok but was served on a plate that looked like it had been prepared 2 hours earlier. Does Royal Caribbean really think we won't notice? I actually found the room service food was better than the main dining room, at least it was fresh. The Bolognese and chicken tenders with fries room service are always very good. The buffet? REPETITIVE. Solarium Bistro? REPETITIVE. Hysterical that they only have Cream Brulee, prosciutto and blue cheese in the Solarium and not the main buffet. Now I had 2 dinners at Chopps Grille and one at 150 Central Park, and all three were outstanding. If I cruise with RC again (which is likely) I will add the unlimited specialty dining because the dining room food is a very bad joke. And they removed the juices from Sorrentos and Cafe Promenade! They only had water (and without the sliced oranges or cucumbers that I loved so much). But ONLY water once the restaurants closed, or coffee and tea, no more juices. NOT a superior cruise experience by any stretch of the imagination. The good points of the cruise were the entertainment (Hairspray was fantastic) and the cabins are among the best as well as the room steward, but otherwise? After Hairspay which started at 8 and ended at 9:30, where were you supposed to eat? The freaking Johnny Rockets closed at 10! It was outrageous. Buffet closed, dining rooms closed, so if you didn't have an early reservation for dinner you needed to grab buffet food at 6pm or order room service, I couldn't believe it. I hate being what we call "nickel and dimed" where you see small annoying reductions that save little and ruin the experience. How much does it cost to slice up a cucumber and add it to water? I'm hearing the NCL (which has always had fantastic food) are cutting way back. And on a HUGE ship like Symphony, they had the band playing in the Promenade and people were dancing there blocking the aisles! WHY not have a dedicated space for dancing for people? On a huge ship like with all those sea days, this you put the band in the promenade and no space for people to dance? So stupid. Overall it was a GOOD experience but most assuredly NOT a great one. I will only rebook when special prices are available, and that's that.
  4. Unfortunately, We were part of a Covid outbreak last week on our April 30th - May 7th Symphony of The Seas cruise. If you're curious to see how that went, here's the video of what all when on behind the scenes and how Royal Caribbean handled it. https://youtu.be/lErcDoCMZ44
  5. I'm hearing a lot of people complain about an absolutely chaotic boarding experience in Miami recently getting on symphony. No specific lines for times, just 1 HUGE line and noone checking arrival times. Anyone sail recently or on now and have experience with this?
  6. 601 days! That's how long it will have been since we last set foot on a cruise ship. It has been WAY TOO LONG! I can finally say it's cruise month! The cast for this adventure includes myself (Amy), husband (Dan), son (Robert), daughter (Laura), son-in-law (Austin), grandbabies (Kylie-2 and Brantley-1). We will be in 2 BR ATS #9334. We love to have fun in the sun and can't wait to take the babies on their first cruise I've never done a blog so I'm calling this a live-ish blog as I'm not sure how much time I will have on the cruise to post. I typically come home from vacations needing a vacation to rest from all the running! We found out who our genie is yesterday. Luciano will be doing our preplanning and we will have Reyno on board! I'm super excited! I've met Reyno, but have never had him as a genie. Has anyone had a situation like this? It will be interesting to see how the preplanning and hand off are done. It will be an interesting adventure to get through all of the testing before the cruise. Kylie is too young to be tested at any place other than her primary clinic. Luckily we are at the Mayo Clinic and results are back in less than a day typically. Interestingly, Brantley had Covid when he was 4 months old. He had a fever and slight lung congestion. It didn't seem to slow him down for very long. I was part of a study that tested for antibodies, I tested negative in October, but positive in November. I evidently was one of the asymptomatic cases. We went to Hawaii a month after he tested positive. That was incredibly stressful testing and waiting for our negative results! I'm hoping since we are all vaccinated that it will be less mentally stressful this time! I have not seen any reviews of people sailing with an under two year old. I'm hoping to give insight as to what it's like with two young unvaccinated children, one requiring a mask and one not. We are planning on playing with the kids in the mornings and then using Royal Babies/Tots in the afternoon and for some evening shows if we are able to book the hours. Our stops are at St. Maarten, St. Thomas and CocoCay. Since we have unvaccinated children we have to be on a ship excursion to take them ashore. At St. Maarten we are doing the Great Bay Beach Experience and hope to eat at our favorite restaurant, Blue Bitch Bar. If it's possible we'll send mom and dad and the babies back on the boat shuttle and Dan & I will walk back so we can stop and buy cheese at the cheese shop. St. Thomas we'll leave the babies on board and go do a little shopping before Laura and I have a massage At Cococay we have a Floating Cabana at the Coco Beach Club (our splurge for the trip). Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to answer them. Looking forward to sailing away soon!!!
  7. Traveling on 10/23/22 symphony of the seas sailing with a group that is ANXIOUSLY awaiting the Royal Up bidding, but we haven’t gotten any news or emails. System is still saying wait until 30 days. Anyone else on this sailing receive any news? Also we’ve been trying to purchase the unlimited meal package, but it will not allow any of our traveling group to add it to cart. Does RC’s website always have so many issues? TYIA
  8. Hello all, We are back. About 18 months ago we disembarked the Empress in Miami with lots of rumors about this new virus and now, fittingly, we are back in Miami to start it all up again. We are super stoked as this sailing on Symphony was booked almost three years ago and a couple shifts. I love these blogs as I learn about all different experiences so I thought I would try to flag those interested in some of our unique things about what we do while sailing. (such as being plant based and taking a careful approach to what we do on the inside spaces) Hope to be informative and also learn from the one or two other blogs going on during the same cruise. Will share more soon and feel free to ask any questions.
  9. Hi all, my wife and I are boarding the Symphony of the Seas in September and she's curious how the spa services are run currently. Is the spa open for both vaccinated and unvaccinated cruisers? Are masks fully required for both employees and customers inside the spa and while during services? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Hi all, boarding the Symphony of the Seas in September. I'm curious if my fellow Flowboarding enthusiasts can share what it has been like at the FlowRiders onboard with the current sailing capacity. I'd imagine the lines are shorter, but looking at the Daily Planners it also seems like the FlowRider operating hours seem to be less than usual? Also this will be the first time I have to air travel with my flowboard, any tips on safe transport? I bought some pipe insulation from Home Depot and wrapped them around the edge of the board, then covered the front and the back with some foam sheets and shoved it into a longboard bag. Hopefully that's enough to prevent any damage. Can't wait to hit the FlowRider again, fell in love with it ever since I tried it for the first time on the Allure of the Seas in 2012. Sucks I only get to flowboard when I go on a cruise since there aren't any places on land with a FlowRider that's within a reasonable driving radius for me. I'd love to hear about your Flowboarding stories too if you got them!
  11. Yap , I will give it a try although almost forgotten how to write a cruise blog. First why did I choose this name ? I guess it's quite obvious no one really knows what will happen during this crazy times so it's hard to plan. What we are planning is to be as flexible as we can and have lots of plan B/C/D and even E if needed mainly to try and have fun with whatever will be. Regarding the name , I wanted to call it "cruise to the unknown" but that unfortunately already taken here (remember the days people were cruising and written blogs about it ?). Why started now ? Two weeks looked like a good time to start and beside while writing this first post I am seating at one of my favorites beach near my home and what is better place to start writing a cruise blog if not here ? What is the plan , in high level 1. Try avoiding cathing COVID-19 in the next few weeks . Take a c19 test 3 days before the cruise. 2. Fly to Orlando (cheaper ticket than Miami) 3 Visit Universal park 4 Drive to Miami and get on Symphony. Convincing the check in people to accept our vaccination paper (the vaccine card here is a pdf file which we need to print but it contains all the information RCL asking for) . Both of us already got the third Pfizer booster shot this week so I hope no issues. 5. Do our first B2B , first time in grand suite. 6. Fly to the West coast to meet some family ( stopping in Vegas for few days) 7. Fly back home More information to follow , for now going to seat back relax and enjoy the breeze and sunset here
  12. 11 cruises canceled, 4 devastated kids, 2 very sad adults, way too much future cruise credit.... 8 cruises scheduled, 4 excited kids, 2 very happy, yet leery adults, only 34 days to go until Star Class on Symphony!!!! Wow! Cruising is back!!! I am so excited that we can finally say that. I was one of those people saying "surely, cruising will have started back by ...," but as one cruise after the next was canceled, I started to wonder if we would ever return to sea. I went from reading daily live blogs and watching youtube cruise vlogs all the time to rarely doing it. My closet of vacation attire went from a "cruise closet" to a "Club Med closet." Then, I saw that a ship was set to sail and then another, and the next thing you know I began to think, "Wow, this might actually happen!" Initially, I was worried about what it would be like sailing since my kids are too young to be vaccinated (even though my husband and I are fully vaccinated). I worried about us being treated like second class citizens, and most of all I worried about how this would make the kids feel. Some of you, can even attest to my facebook post where I voiced my concerns about this. After, contemplating this for awhile, my husband and I decided to talk to our two older kids about this, and they still wanted to go. At that point, we said "This is OUR cruise, and we are going to go and enjoy ourselves and not let anyone ruin that for us! As this initial fear subsided, the excitement finally began to fully kick in. Cruise Vlogs and Blogs are back on the menu, and we even bought a new cruise wardrobe for the kids, but before I get too much further into this blog, I should probably stop and introduce my family and tell you a little about us and our booking. Family: Tiffany, Steven (he will be co-blogging with me), Christian/CJ (11 year old boy), Sophia (9 year old girl), Nyssa/Prissy (3 year old girl), and Katarina/Kat/Kitty (2 year old girl) Ship: Symphony of the Seas Sail Date: September 11, 2021-September 18, 2021 Cabin Type: 2 Bedroom Aquatheater Suite Itinerary: Miami, Florida; Philipsburg, St. Maarten; Charlotte Amalie, ST. Thomas; Perfect Day at CocoCay; Miami, Florida I look forward to catching up with those who have followed my other blogs and also getting to know some new faces. We have cruised star class before, so I will try to cover any changes since cruising has returned. I will also let you know what it is like sailing with kids too young to be vaccinated.
  13. I tried to utilize my current FCC certificates in their entirety for my future sailings. I have a "chunky one" left over (about $2,500.00) and then I believe an additional one that will have about maybe $160.00 or so when I step off the sailing I assigned the majority of that FCC to. My time is pretty much maxed out as far as sailing goes with sailings in 2021. In order not to lose any of the credits do I have to go ahead and book two additional sailings by 12/21 for sailing by 04/22? Do you think maybe that date would be pushed out a bit? I offered my family to take the hit and do a sailing alone so as not to disturb what they have going on LOL but I received a resounding very loud NO! darn darn darn.... Thanks everyone, any thoughts would be appreciated maybe I missed something!
  14. NOT QUITE YET... ....is this going to be a Live Blog. I am NOT looking to set the new World Land Speed Record for starting the earliest Live Blog. It will turn into a live blog MUCH later when we get closer to sail date. I just wanted to announce to the world that the long anticipated 8 night Symphony itinerary for 21 - 29 August 2021 has finally shown up on the website !!!! I've been stalking this cruise for months. They announced the itinerary - Labadee, Aruba and Curacao - months ago, but never opened it for booking until today. I quickly snagged one of the Deck 8 Aqua Theater Suites because I could not afford (or didn't want) any of the other Star Class rooms that were left. Believe it or not, some of the SC rooms were already gone by the time I got there !! The aft-facing Star Loft was there but I don't really want that one. I have NO interest in that awful Ultimate Family thing and the Royal Loft is WAAAY out of my price range on this cruise (and so was the Ultimate Family thing, to be fair). So let the fun begin. I BELIEVE that this will be the first Oasis class ship to go to Aruba and Curacao. I could be wrong about that. For sure it will be the first time Symphony has been there. This will also be my first cruise on Symphony and I'm very excited. 3 ports in 8 days is my idea of heaven. Interest, anyone ?
  15. This is my first blog, so I'm completely open to suggestions, tips, requests, and questions. The Sailing: Feb. 29, 2020 - Symphony of the Seas - Western Caribbean & Perfect Day - 7 nights Pre-Cruise Stay: Fly to Miami 1 day before. Stay in Kimpton EPIC hotel, which is newly renovated. We plan to take an Uber/Lyft to the Terminal and arrive there at 10:00 AM. https://www.epichotel.com/renovation/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Brand-Hotel Name_EXT&utm_term=kimpton epic miami&adpos={adpos}&creative=374937215719&device=c&matchtype=e&network=g&gclid=Cj0KCQiAiNnuBRD3ARIsAM8KmlszTemJmHwA0k6GpJvERc3ssH6xnCvyig28ZUmyS3lmrwpFrHMf4JoaAhgsEALw_wcB Cruise Purchases: Unlimited Dining Package - All-Access Ship Tour - VOOM (included in Sky-Class) Itinerary: Day 1 - Miami Day 2 - Cruising Day 3 - Roatan, Honduras - No excursions Day 4 - Costa Maya, Mexico - Chacchoben Mayan Ruins Day 5 - Cozumel, Mexico - A Journey Through Mexico's Past & Present (cancelled by RC) Day 6 - Cruising Day 7 - Cococay - Thrill Waterpark Cabana - Up, Up, And Away Helium Balloon Day 8 - Miami Cabin: Crown Loft Suite (1720) Sky Class Please let me know if I forgot anything, and feel free to ask questions. ?
  16. Hi all. It's Melissa here. I am going to try and do something that I have always wanted to do...A Live Blog of our Symphony of the Seas cruise. Let me first introduce myself. If you watch Below Deck on Bravo then you will understand that I am the primary! AHHHHHH. I love being in charge...lol. Joining me will be my wonderful husband, Axel (6) and Emily (3), my parents, my grandmother, and rounding out my motley crew is my brother. You can probably tell by the name of my blog that we are a family that loves Disney. But a close second would be Royal Caribbean. We will be lavishly living it up in the Villa Suite on November 30, 2019. I know what you are thinking...why start a blog so early? I guess I am just too dang excited not to get my thoughts down. My hope that you all enjoy yourself while reading this, and it may help future cruisers.
  17. Is the hibachi part of the UDP? I thought it was an a la carte thing where you get 35$ and pay the extra. However the latest blog here says it isnt included.
  18. ?: Royal Caribbean International “Whenever you are with me, life plays a beautiful symphony!” --- Avijeet Das For Hubby and I, there is no better way to spend quality couple time together than to go on a cruise. We started off that way on our honeymoon back in 2002 and we have tried to get away around this time every year to celebrate our anniversary. Symphony was on our radar almost two years ago. Being huge OA class fans and having sailed every Oasis class ship so far, sailing this one was a given. I booked this cruise knowing that this summer would be our first chance to sail it since she spent last summer in Europe. Even upon booking back in the Fall of 2017, prices were crazy for this ship. However, because of fixed vacation times, that is just something that we are used to. How did the title for this blog come about? Other than being fond of cruising and shopping, I also love music. Trained in classical music since I was a little girl, and with a ship named Symphony, I could not resist to draw parallels between this blog title and music. So why Symphony No. 17? Symphonies written by the same composer are often given a generic name that involves a number so that one can identify which piece it is by that composer. Playing on that thought, this is cruise #17 for us, and, as coincidence would have it, it is also our 17th anniversary on this sailing. Notice the theme? In addition, a Symphony is typically written in four movements. So there lies the logic behind the rest of this title. I expect that those will be our four experiences on Symphony this sailing. <Music geek off> Let’s begin…
  19. I've talked to two different people recently about height requirements on symphony in splashaway bay and have got 2 different answers. One side said their child couldnt use any slides because she was 41 inches and the requirement was 42. But someone else said the bigger yellow slide was the only one where they enforced a height requirment. Any other info from recent cruisers would be great!
  20. Hi everyone! Just wondering what the souvenir cups given with beverage packages are like on symphony of the seas. I've seen some cool looking ones with a chip and also some cheap plastic looking ones. Thanks!
  21. Will be sailing on SOS this August. Have a breathing machine for sleep apnea. Anyone have experience if SOS has distilled water available on board, which I need for the machine, or do I have to bring my own?
  22. Just wanted to share a video I recently produced during our Eastern Caribbean cruise onboard the Symphony! https://youtu.be/xoHpBLS2TvY
  23. I'm interested at what people spent on their deluxe drink package. Cruise planner says 49pp per day but with a note saying its 50 % off the second person. I feel like it was the same without the " deal" so I'm interested what others paid. Note. I'm on the symphony of the seas 7 day eastern carribean
  24. Anyone sailing on the symohony of the seas on Nov 2nd?????
  25. The title to this post should give a hint of what to expect and why I figured this section is a better venue. Ultimately, it is my unlimited attempt at running a dedicated LIVEish about the UDP. The goal really being a running dialogue on how Unlimited the Unlimited Dining Package really is. I'm also open to asking and answering any questions. Just keep in mind this is a snippet on the grand scheme of things, one week on one ship. So keep in mind, past performance is no guarantee of future results. Haven't really developed a dinner plan yet, staying in a Junior Suite so I'm part of #teamCK traditionally the first and last night. Lunch when boarding will be a strong chance at Playmakers. Seeing it was explicitly stated in an email when the package name changed. With three sea days I'll have plenty of traditional lunch location chances. I'll also be invading the Live(ish) @Skid is running:
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