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Found 32 results

  1. Hey Everyone! My Wife, Sister in law, and Brother in law will be on the Anthem of the Seas departing October 27th this year. This will be our fourth cruise on Royal, but first time to Cococay. I had been looking at the Beach Bungalow options at Cococay, of which they had two offerings - the deluxe and the regular. I think the only difference was that with the deluxe, you were given a menu to order from and the food is brought back to you. That deluxe option seems to have dissapeared as of now. Does that mean that the Deluxe options are sold out? If the only difference truly is the delivered food, why couldn't that be offered in the regular beach bungalows that are still available? I think I'll go ahead and book the regular bungalow for now, and if the deluxe shows back up later, I'll cancel and book that. Either way, do any of you have any experience with these? Thanks, Phill
  2. Spotted in a new video by RC that shows off how the company designs ships This is the VR lab. Looks to me like a VR rendering of the new pier at Cococay?
  3. Hi Everyone, another Question! Last time we cruised (with Carnival) and went to a private Island, it was nice and all, but we were told we NEEDED our passports etc, (Non US Citizens) But once ashore we didn't really need anything but out Sea Card. I know Sunblock, a hat etc. is ideal, but just would prefer not bringing my passport unless it's necessary.
  4. Just wondering if anyone's done the Beach Bed on CoCoCay? How are they? How's the experience?
  5. Hi everyone. Just looking at the options for Cococay, can anyone advise the difference between the bed and the bungalow? Looking at the description on My Cruises there's no difference in the amenities but looks like maybe the addition of the loungers and the number of people? Any info much appreciated.
  6. Hi everyone, just looking at Cococay options for our 1st cruise. I'm thinking about one of the little clamshell loungers for the day, 2 questions, are there normal free beach loungers? the other half tends to like more sun than me, or should i say the sun likes him more! and if we chose to do one of the excursions/ spend time at the water slides will we lose our chosen clamshell lounger? or is it just a case of leaving some personal belongings, e.g. a beach bag/beach towel? what are your favourite excurions? TIA
  7. How good is the snorkeling if I go on my own at Snorkel Beach without buying a excursion? Are there changing rooms or do I have to use the bathrooms to change out of a wet suit?
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