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Found 45 results

  1. Getting ready to go on Harmony of Seas with ports at Roatan, Costa Maya, Cozumel and Coco Cay. Need recommendations for best excursions since I have been on a couple of Disney cruises in past and excursions I picked weren't really worth the money.
  2. Hello! Has anyone been to CocoCay and found out the minimum weight? On the Cruise Planner it says the minimum weight is 75 pounds but here: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2018/06/05/royal-caribbean-officially-opens-perfect-day-island-experiences-bookings it says the minimum weight is 50 pounds. Also, is this loosely enforced or do they put everyone on a scale? Thanks! 😊
  3. We're over 21 months out from our 4/24/21 Symphony cruise , but the cabanas at South Beach appear in the Cruise Planner already at $399.00... Is this a good price and should we strongly consider booking at this price in the near future? I see from other threads that the price of many of the Perfect Day cabanas and bungalows in other areas fluctuate radically (like $400 - $1,200+)! Our only experience was recently at Nellie's beach where the over-the-water cabanas normally run around $579 unless there is a CP sale (took advantage of one at $521 😃). I also understand, that unlike our Nellie's Beach cabana, they are not first come, first assigned (we got to pick our own since we arrived first). I read here that they are generally assigned randomly prior to arriving to the island, but you can go to the shore excursion desk early on and select any available cabana once onboard (Perfect Day is our last day of the cruise). I see from the map that this would be a good location if we want to relax on the beach and still have close access to the Oasis Lagoon pool. We understand these are on the beach (not over the water like Labadee). Are these cabanas like the one we had at Nellie's Beach with 3 walls or bungalows with just the one back wall? Just curious since the description uses cabana and bungalow interchangeably. What do you think? Any negatives to the South Beach area (I see they just closed it to finish construction)? Thanks in advance! This is how it appears in the CP for us:
  4. I was looking at my cruise planner for CocoCay and came across this. I think I remember seeing this for $400 before. The Thrill Waterpark Cabanas are still $599.🤨
  5. Does anyone know a nice central spot at Coco Cay to sit. My 69yr mother will be with me and we just want to relax, try the beach and the pool. Have some drinks/food. I will snorkel for a bit, but she won't. Just don't want to zig zag all over and walk a ton with her and it probably being hot. Also, the umbrella's are complimentary right? Will there be plenty of spots with shade? Is there an opton for anything not as expensive as a cabana that offers shade? Thanks!
  6. Thought it would be a good idea to post a quick photo look around of the offerings a Skipper's Grill on CocoCay. I'm going to assume that Chill Grill would have the same offerings. Per signage, the hours of operation are 11:30 to 3:00 Starting off it was nice seeing the beverage station outside of the buffet area. This area also has a soft serve machine. Getting a closer look at the beverage island area. Better view of the drink dispensers I'm not sure if the beer by the ounce dispenser is covered by the beverage package or not. Also want to say a hand washing station was on the other side of the dispensers. Fruit carving just so you know where you were. Skipper's Grill was divided up into multiple sections. Once for cold salads and pre-made sandwiches. Some sandwiches being made. Grill stations with the classic hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, corn, and not shown fries. Next up was a taco/mexican station, here they had chicken, beef, pulled pork, rice, and beans. (Need to double check if I have any pictures) One highlight was the freshly made flour Finally two different topping stations. One geared towards burger fixings and the other for taco fixings. Finally a photo just for drool factor. This plate was a cuban sandwich (made with a soft sweet style bread), rice and beans plus some of the pulled pork. Also forgot to mention there is a small bar counter within the Skipper's Grill area. Don't recall if they did blended drinks but they did carry plenty of beers and spirits. Only major complaint I had was food temperature, nothing seemed really that hot. Most of what I tried was almost warm, some stuff was hot but for the most part it wasn't consistent. I might mark that as being there probably when they first opened around 11:30. Overall they weren't that busy at the time.
  7. My husband I are going to Coco Cay for the first time in years and are excited for the “Perfect Day”. Which beach has the most shade? It’s just the two of us so a Cabana is out of the budget. We’re looking for a couple of chairs in the shade to watch the world go by!
  8. Hello everyone! Lots of great information on this site. Thank you to everyone for their recommendations and opinions. It's not technically our first time, but our last cruise was over 20 years ago before we had kids and boy have things changed! We weren't ready to have to choose between drink packages and specialty dining options, etc. It's really stretching our budget in ways we overlooked. We just booked on the Harmony of the Seas for July 21st. I'd like to ask thoughts on the drink packages. We would not drink enough to break even with the unlimited drinking package. I am a beer drinker with an occasional frozen drink and my wife is a wine drinker for the most part, but usually no more than 2 glasses at a meal. Also, getting all six of us the refreshment package can be a doozy too even with the discount running until tonight. Any insider tips or secrets you all would like to share in this area? I think this time around we are going to skip the Thrill Waterpark. From a budget view, the cost of this for a family of six would crush any additional excursions for the week. I believe there is still a lot to do on the island that is not so pricey. I am interested in thoughts on two of the excursions that we are looking at in St. Thomas. We have four kids... 11, 13, 15, and 19. Not worried about the 19-year-old as she goes with the flow MOST of the time. My wife is looking forward to snorkeling. We are trying to decide between the St. John's Trunk Bay Beach & Snorkel OR the Pirates of St. Thomas Sail, Snorkel, & Beach. My thought is why go to St. John's for snorkeling if you are in St. Thomas. St. Thomas was beautiful the last time I visited almost 30 years ago. Seems like a lot of time is spent in transit from one island to the other and that MAY frustrate the kids if the ride is too long. I have a horseback rider in the family and she wants to do the horseback riding on St. Maarten. Has anyone here done this one and have any feedback? If my daughter and I do the horseback riding, the rest of the family is looking to do something. Any suggestions on St. Maarten? This will be our first time on St. Maarten. Thank you in advance for any suggestions, comments, or opinions. Best, Hawkes
  9. We are needing to book excursions for our July Perfect Day at Coco Cay...do we have any current update on when the Thrill Waterpark will be open? AND if we book it (the Thrill Waterpark) and it's NOT complete, will we get a refund? would that refund be OBC? or an actual refund of our money?
  10. March 16, 2019. Mariner of the Seas made history this morning by becoming the first ship to dock at the new pier at CocoCay. The ship docked in the dark and secured her lines following a brief pier test last week. Last week’s brief pier trial docking occurred after the ship spent the day tendering guests to the island. The ship spent a few minutes at the pier before continuing on with her regularly scheduled departure from Cococay. Today for the first time guests will disembark visiting CocoCay using the pier and experience a soft opening of a couple new Perfect Day features. This historic visit to CocoCay is occurring with fortunate timing for RoyalCarribeanBlog.com readers since it coincides with the blog group cruise involving dozens of blog followers led by @Matt and his family. Still dark as I write this you know Matt and many others on the RoyalCaribbeanBlog group cruise will be posting about this historic event. If you don't already follow Matt both here on the blog and on social media today where he will be posting about this historic day in the life of CocoCay as it unfolds. http://www.facebook.com/royalcaribbeanblog http://twitter.com/therclblog http://instagram.com/royalcaribbeanblog https://www.pscp.tv/therclblog https://www.youtube.com/royalcaribbeanblog Pier construction will continue over the coming months to allow even larger ships including Quantum and Oasis class.
  11. I booked a Thrill Waterpark cabana for our upcoming Harmony OTS cruise in May. However, only 3 out of 5 of us will be using the waterpark. Will the other two have to buy passes to the waterpark to access the cabana? Can the other two use the wave pool or do you have to have a waterpark pass for that as well? I can't find anything online and the RC representative I spoke with was not able to answer my question. Of course, I should have bought an Oasis lagoon cabana instead, but they are now sold out.
  12. I have searched and cannot find the answer to this question...what is the difference (besides $10) between the half day and the full day Waterpark and Zipline Packages?
  13. Hi! We are sailing on Adventure of the Seas on July 6. I was interested in booking a bungalow for our day in Cococay but I am not seeing one listed on Cruise Planner. Does this mean they are sold out? Thanks!
  14. Hey Everyone! My Wife, Sister in law, and Brother in law will be on the Anthem of the Seas departing October 27th this year. This will be our fourth cruise on Royal, but first time to Cococay. I had been looking at the Beach Bungalow options at Cococay, of which they had two offerings - the deluxe and the regular. I think the only difference was that with the deluxe, you were given a menu to order from and the food is brought back to you. That deluxe option seems to have dissapeared as of now. Does that mean that the Deluxe options are sold out? If the only difference truly is the delivered food, why couldn't that be offered in the regular beach bungalows that are still available? I think I'll go ahead and book the regular bungalow for now, and if the deluxe shows back up later, I'll cancel and book that. Either way, do any of you have any experience with these? Thanks, Phill
  15. Spotted in a new video by RC that shows off how the company designs ships This is the VR lab. Looks to me like a VR rendering of the new pier at Cococay?
  16. Hi Everyone, another Question! Last time we cruised (with Carnival) and went to a private Island, it was nice and all, but we were told we NEEDED our passports etc, (Non US Citizens) But once ashore we didn't really need anything but out Sea Card. I know Sunblock, a hat etc. is ideal, but just would prefer not bringing my passport unless it's necessary.
  17. Just wondering if anyone's done the Beach Bed on CoCoCay? How are they? How's the experience?
  18. Hi everyone. Just looking at the options for Cococay, can anyone advise the difference between the bed and the bungalow? Looking at the description on My Cruises there's no difference in the amenities but looks like maybe the addition of the loungers and the number of people? Any info much appreciated.
  19. Hi everyone, just looking at Cococay options for our 1st cruise. I'm thinking about one of the little clamshell loungers for the day, 2 questions, are there normal free beach loungers? the other half tends to like more sun than me, or should i say the sun likes him more! and if we chose to do one of the excursions/ spend time at the water slides will we lose our chosen clamshell lounger? or is it just a case of leaving some personal belongings, e.g. a beach bag/beach towel? what are your favourite excurions? TIA
  20. How good is the snorkeling if I go on my own at Snorkel Beach without buying a excursion? Are there changing rooms or do I have to use the bathrooms to change out of a wet suit?
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