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  1. Hey everyone! So I have yet to find a post that specifically disucsses this, but which day bed at Coco Cay is best in your opinion? Pros? Cons? Just wondering what everyones take is on these and if you did use one, would you do it again?
  2. What are the rules regarding the fridge in the Coco Beach Club cabanas if not all people have a drinks package? We have booked one for an upcoming cruise and while we have a drinks package we have some friends on the same cruise who don't have a drinks package who will join us in the cabana. Do the two out of 7 people without a package just get lucky or will the fridge be empty and we always have to order drinks and then they keep a record from whom the drinks are?
  3. My husband and I will be on the Harmony sailing from June 19 to the 26th in 2022. Our day in Coco Cay is on the 20th, along with Allure and the Explorer. I can't find another post about three ships, two Oasis class sized, in Coco Cay on one day. Are we going to be able to get a chair anywhere? We were really looking forward to the thrill park and the pool but have decided not to do the thrill park as we're sure the crowds will make it a bad deal, but what about everything else?
  4. Hi All! Question for anyone that can answer. Got an email stating that our itinerary was changed for our sailing. Coco Cay and our sea day have been switched. No biggie and it's truly fine. However, for the original date, we had wanted to purchase a bed for Chill Island and everything was sold out. Now that the schedule has changed, will more spots open? If you've already booked, does it carry over? Just curious since I checked one site that said we'll be the only ship in port that day (since the switch). Please advise. Thanks!
  5. After our last experience at Coco Cay I am considering a Beach Bed. We have purchased cabanas at the Oasis pool and the Waterpark and while very enjoyable not feeling spending $$ on them again. Looking at the map I can't figure out which area is just a little more tucked away, just a bit more quiet. First time getting a Beach bed especially with more then one ship I want a tiny area to call our own for the day. Will be in 1804 on the Mariner as we were able to make this sailing work even with school, will the concierge reach out before sailing? Can we request a bed location? If you have done one of these would you have a recommended bed/location? Can our Diamond drink allotment be used on the island? Thanks everyone!
  6. We are currently sitting at the dock on Freedom of the Seas, and the Bahamian government has not allowed the ship to disembark. It has been two hours past the posted arrival time. The Norwegian ship at the next island over is also not docked. Not sure what the issue is as we were in Nassau yesterday. The ship has not communicated any COVID issues and stated that RC HQ is working with the Bahamian Tourism Agency.
  7. Hello everyone! Especially @Jaymac Radio Do you have a video? My question is for anyone who has experienced the water park within Coco Cay. If I purchase the admission tickets for the three of us and one of us (uh me) isn't to keen on the large slides etc is there adequate seating within this area to enjoy the day while my family enjoys the park? I see cabanas available but I can't justify that expense for the three of us, it is $1000.00 for our date. If I want to "chill" do I have to go out to the Oasis pool area? Thanks so much! Be safe & stay well!
  8. I was just watching Matt live on Facebook on my phone, and a few people were asking about what other ships would be in Coco cay while they were there. I had just found this site last night that lists all the ships there on any day in 2020. http://crew-center.com/perfect-day-coco-cay-bahamas-cruise-ships-schedule-2020
  9. Hello everyone, I have been enjoying these live blogs for over a year so I thought I would contribute. So let's start with some background. Who: Me and my wife (Teachers!) What: A cruise on the newly refurbished Navigator of the Seas When: June 24-28, 2019 + flying in the day before. Where: Nassau and Coco Cay Why: We just booked this trip (practically last minute!) as we decided we wanted to have a getaway before we think of expanding our family but didn't want to spend too much time away from our lovely toddler-aged daughter. Why not bring her, you ask? Well, even though people have shared wonderful experiences that they have had with their young children on board, it was not the type of vacation we were looking for. We have done short cruises on Enchantment and Majesty before and wanted something more modern but on a short cruise and Navigator fit the bill nicely. If they wouldn't have upgraded and larger ships on these itineraries, I don't think we would be doing a cruise (someday our child(ren) will be older and we will do a longer cruise)! Excursions: Nothing planned. Maybe the flight sim for me in Nassau and a massage for my wife. We were big fans of the "rustic" Coco Cay and were hesitant about all of the upgrades to the island. But after hearing such glowing reviews, I am excited to give it an honest try. I am excited to try all of the new amenities on Navigator: Bamboo Room, Lime and the Coconut, Playmakers (Team Drink Package), the waterslides, FlowRider, escape room, and ice skating. We might even try some specialty dining for the first time. Maybe Hooked for lunch and Jamie's for a dinner? 56 days to go! I'll leave you with a "historical" photo of Coco Cay.
  10. How is the reception to this double dip at Coco Cay so far? Do cruisers like it? Do they miss the sea day?
  11. Please delete or let me know if this doesn't belong here ? I learned here on these boards to continue checking prices for shore excursions in the cruise planner and what do you know! We saved $100 on the beach bed for Coco Cay sailing on Navigator this Friday the 13th. All Cabanas decreased in price quite a bit also to a much affordable range for me in case anyone is on that sailing.
  12. Today because of an email from RC I purchased $20.00 refreshment packages for my November 2019 sailing on the Harmony. (Thanks everyone for helping me make an educated decision for my fam) As I was researching my June 2020 sailing I saw available to book on my cruise planner a South Beach Cabana for $799.00 I went ahead and booked it quite honestly because it wasn't 1299.00 yet. May I inquire where is this South Beach area located? I looked at Matt's most up to date map and surmise they may be on the beach behind the over the water cabanas? Is this a correct guess? I'm just trying to picture their placement, would anyone be able to assist? Thanks so much in advance! Oops, I of course didn't research the cancellation policy for the cabana, is there one? Up to what point would RC refund my monies if for whatever reason we decide against it, being from Florida I watch the weather like a hawk. You guys are the BEST!!
  13. We are needing to book excursions for our July Perfect Day at Coco Cay...do we have any current update on when the Thrill Waterpark will be open? AND if we book it (the Thrill Waterpark) and it's NOT complete, will we get a refund? would that refund be OBC? or an actual refund of our money?
  14. Hi I Thought I Share This Great Video Of The Construction Of Coco Cay.
  15. Sorry if this has been approached before, but can we bring our own inflatable water floats to use? Like my unicorn? ?
  16. I was watching LovetoCruise’s scope for Coco Cay and she said that she was surprised how small it appeared. Made me wonder which is bigger. So here are two screenshots from Google Maps that are at the same scale. Coco Cay Labadie Coco Cay is significantly bigger then Labadie in physical area but the developed area is slightly smaller. This is part of the reason I loved Coco Cay. If you kept walking you would eventually leave the rest of the visitors behind and have your own little slice of paradise. Once the “Perfect Day” expansion is complete, the developed area on Coco Cay will be significantly larger than Labadie So why does Coco Cay seem smaller. It is an optical illusion. Coco Cay is an island and flat while Labadie is a peninsula and has more varied geography. While I know I will love the new Coco Cay in its own way, part of me is going to miss the undeveloped nature of what it used to be.
  17. Yesterday @Matt informed us of a big reveal planned by RCI next week on Nov. 7. Watching his periscope yesterday and in response to his call for speculation and guessing what could possibly be announced in the big reveal next week, I put my thinking cap on and started making wild guesses. One guess is that Coco Cay may be making some big news soon. This post is purely speculative with no basis in fact or inside knowledge. It's almost certainly going to be proven wrong next week, but let's have some fun! What got me thinking last night was Matt's comment about a concept of staying overnight on Coco Cay and possibly arriving on one ship but departing on another as mentioned in this blog. Guests on CocoCay may be able to get off the ship and stay there overnight, "we will be adding some private cabana accommodation for Suite Class guests who may want to get off and stay for a few days in total luxury and privacy before hopping on another ship to come home." Coco Cay is also known as Little Stirrup Cay and it is located right beside Great Stirrup Cay (GSC) which is a private destination for Norwegian Cruise Lines. Last year NCL announced plans to refurbish GSC including a private lagoon retreat for certain suite guests. I had also heard rumors about a hotel operation on GSC although finding information on that is more difficult. On a recent trip to Coco Cay aboard Grandeur of the Seas I spotted construction on GSC. In this photo of GSC just right of photo center you can see construction trailers and right of that a row of concrete buildings. Left of the trailers is the beach that GSC visitors use when visiting there. Here is a closer photo of the GSC beach area showing row and row of loungers. Here are those concrete building under construction in an undeveloped area of GSC. These are presumably building to fulfill the NCL vision of a lagoon retreat but could they also be part of that rumored future overnight hotel operation on GSC? A distinct disadvantage for any port of call is the lack of a pier. That has an impact to daytime visits and lacking a pier it makes the idea of overnight stays from a cruise ship very challenging. All too often cruise ship visits to tender ports are called off due to slight seas. That moment of stepping off a large and stable cruise ship onto a tender bobbing up and down in even a small amount of waves can be very dangerous. Not only do you need calm seas in the morning but if seas are forecast to become larger later in the day that can also impact a visit to a tender port. That soon won't be an issue for Coco Cay, the pier is under construction and scheduled to start receiving ships in June 2018. A pier will be a game changer for Coco Cay. Maybe the big reveal next week is going to announce some very big upgrades for Coco Cay. Will that overnight Coco Cay hotel hinted at earlier this year become a reality? Wouldn't that be the ultimate back to back cruise adventure? Arrive to Coco Cay on one cruise ship, spend a few days and nights on Coco Cay, depart on a different cruise ship! Will we get Crown & Anchor points for Coco Cay? Maybe Mariner's post dry-dock relocation to Miami plays a role in this concept. What other new and exciting features will Coco Cay receive? Back in 2013 Matt wrote a blog describing how Carnival would be making some stops at Coco Cay. What if NCL was to use the Coco Cay pier as a mean to access GSC on less than perfect days? Both have sheltered harbors were boarding a water taxi can be done safely and it would be a short ride between islands. What if the cruise lines shared island resources? Highly unlikely but hey, this is all about wild speculation. So let's hear from you. What wild and crazy ideas can you come up with for the big reveal next week? Dream on...
  18. RC has to cancel excursions to Coco Cay sometimes due to weather conditions. My itinerary has us at Coco Cay on Tuesday. The forecasted winds are 19 mph from the NE. Is this enough wind to cause choppy seas leading to RC cancelling or am I over-reacting? I know they cancelled the Coco Cay excursions on the Anthem during the prior week. What were the weather conditions on that day?
  19. We will be renting one of the beach beds on our cruise in October (Enchantment). Where is the floating bar in relation to the beach beds? If it is close how out of hand does it get?
  20. Just wondering if anyone's done the Beach Bed on CoCoCay? How are they? How's the experience?
  21. Hi! Can you rent snorkeling equipment in Coco Cay cheaper than doing the actual snorkeling excursion? Is the excursion any better than just snorkeling when you get off the ship (like do they take you to a more scenic area if you do the excursion)? I'm going with my family in a few months and we're trying to decide if we should just plan on renting equipment when we get off the ship, plan an excursion, or bring our own. Thanks!
  22. I just noticed that bed rentals on Coco Cay are an option for an upcoming cruise and it is listed as 195 CAD per person. Do I need to add all of my travelling party to the reservation to book? Does anyone know the size of the bed? Thanks.
  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQ0zW-f91n8 In this video you'll see the entertainment offered on board, a look around the cruise ship, a peak that each island has to offer, and some excursions. Let me know if you have any questions about the Majesty of the Seas! I'm happy to help and would give it a 10/10.
  24. What is the best beach in cococay if you want no rocks in water and not too crowded? Thank you
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