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  1. Well, look at what showed back up in MyVegas today. I don't think it's indicative of anything in particular, but it's good to see nonetheless.
  2. We got our first casino offer for a 'free' cruise!! Just now! So I called the casino folks and they had a pretty large selection of ships out of 3 Florida ports to choose from over the summer, I was kind of surprised at the big selection and that I even got the offer, they must have lowered the standards to get the offer haha Anyhoo, although the 7 night on Symphony (OMG!) or Harmony (wow really?!) are both included, DH is going to want to do a quick weekend trip to not miss as much work. What do I need to know about booking a casino cruise? I know we need to pay taxes and fees which came
  3. I was on a cruise last week (feb 2020) and got my club royale prime membership. I want to ask if my prime status ends on march 31 this year and resets to zero or is it valid Until next year which is march 31, 2021? Thanks!!
  4. Something very unexpectedly happened a few minutes ago. I got an email from the Celebrity Blue Chip Club, which is Celebrity's casino rewards program. I have never sailed on Celebrity yet I am showing as an "Elite" member. Now, I have no idea what level that is...probably the lowest...but as I have never set food in a Celebrity casino before, I was quite surprised to see this. The email is an offer to receive 20% off rooms and up to $125 in food/beverage credit at an MGM property. Not particularly interested in the offer but I am interested in how I managed to become enrolled in t
  5. I am hoping for some information. I heard that Grandeur's casino doesn't open on the first night when leaving Baltimore and closes the last day at 4. I have been on a cruise out of Baltimore on another line and their casino was open. Is this true? If so, my husband is NOT going to be happy. Any information would be appreciated!
  6. So, I just called to book my free annual prime cruise and then upgrade to a balcony or suite. In the past, we have always paid around 40% of the total cruise fare for the cabin we want to go to. So, for example, we booked a Grand Suite with last year's prime offer and paid $1,800 which was 40% of the current rate for that room. This year however, the prices to upgrade have increased significantly and we are now paying 70% of the going rate. I asked about it and she said that is the pricing they have and she couldn't tell me anything more. When I received the price, the "math" do
  7. I am on the June 10 sailing, and I was playing around with the app. It says the Casino is smoke free. I am almost certain this is wrong (WHAAAAAAAT, something on the new app is wrong???). Has anyone been on her lately that can confirm or deny this?
  8. hello, Would love ur opinion. So, the thing is is that we want to play at casino on cruise. But. Since port is not driving distance I would prefer not to bring lot of cash on me. And would prefer not to pay fee on taking out cash on debit card. So my question is about a royal Caribbean gift card. Do u know anything about the gift cards and if they are available for purchase now before cruise and then be available for use in casino on cruise. How would all that work. Please advise thanks.
  9. Hello All, Looking at the schedule of me and my boyfriends upcoming cruise in Dec 2019. And thinking it seems kinda hectic to me. Have few nights of specialty dinning planned, a Shore excursion for each of the 4 ports, and spa activities for at least 3 nights of the cruise. Having day and night planned with an activity seems like it would be exhausting. Am I overbooking me and my boyfriend? My question is is with a full day and a 2 hour dinner and hopefully see a show at night for entertainment, will me and my boyfriend be to tired to hit the casino at night? I wanna know anyone else
  10. Hello All, Second cruise with RC will be with my boyfriend again in Dec 2019 out of Tampa. We have a Shore excursion at every port and are doing a fun cheap Sushi class on a sea day and a cupcake decoration fun cheap class on the other sea day. Needless to say we are excited for this cruise in 300+ days. My question is is since we are flying to Tampa from NY day of the cruise how long is the Tampa airplane terminal to the cruise terminal by cab? Like half hour/hour? The cruise leaves at 4pm Dec 7, 2019. Also, side note called RC and turns out my boyfriend can purchase the deluxe
  11. This is so weird. Who the heck they employing for customer support. See my email exchange with Casino Royale support. I've asked three questions. I though that they were straightforward, is there a way to simplify them? Thank you for reaching out to Royal Caribbean’s Club Royale regarding your new casino credit offers available in the cruise planner. Q1: If I'm betting $ 100 promotional chip and win, do I: a) receive $ 100 in real chip and $ 100 promotional chip or b) $ 200 in real chips and promotional chip is taken by dealerA: You will be able to cash out any winnings with
  12. Hello All, I am new to gambling and figured I would budget a few dollars to spend in the casino. I see that you get points when you gamble. How does that all work and how do they know who you are at the casino? I am going on the Mariner in about a month, so I like to be prepared. Any tips, advice and what not is appreciated. **Note: I only play slot machines, I don't play table games as I don't have that kind of money and I don't know how.**
  13. So this just happened. Casino Bonus from casino royal. 50$ for my boyfriend and 100$ for me. Just in time to book our Oct 2018 Bermuda cruise. happy cruising.
  14. Hello ALL, Cruising May 9, 2019 on Athem of the Seas. The ports will be Kings Wharf, Burmuda; Philipsburg, St Maarten; San Juan Puerto Rico; and Labadee, Haiti. My question is do any of you know of any casinos at these ports?? If so please advise. So far we have an excursion for each port, but if there is a casino we can get to we would opt for that option. Our excursions are: Kings Wharf, Burmuda - Aquarium & Crystal Caves 4 hours and 30 mins. Philipsburg, St Maarten - St Maarten Island Charm 3 hours and 30 minutes. San Juan Puerto Rico - Mofongo and Mojitos 3 hours and
  15. Hello all, Just came back from a 7 night Bahamas cruise leaving from NJ. We went May 11 to May 18 2018. During the cruise me and my boyfriend both got casino certificates on the second to last night to use for future cruise. I got 300$ and my boyfriend got 100$. we played alot of money in the casino this trip between the both of us. Just wondering what's the norm on these certificates? Has anyone got them before? How much do they usually give? What's the highest amount you ever got? happy cruising.
  16. Hello, My boyfriend and I are going on adventure of the seas on May 11, 2018. To Orlando, coco cay, and Nassau Bahamas. We like to gamble and would love to go to Atlantis in Bahamas to visit The casino. Does anyone know how far the cab ride is from ship to Atlantis? And about how much money to keep aside for cab going and coming back? Please advise.
  17. Does anyone know if there is poker in the Anthem's casino? If there is ... is it a computer table or live play? Seems that most cruise ships have removed poker from their ships. Wonder why?
  18. We just go back from our cruise and still get conflicting information on whether our $$ off casino certificates can be combined with casino VIP rates. On the ship, the Casino Host said yes along with another guest I spoke with. On my last call with RCL casino line they said no. What I have found out is on your last cruise if you get to 1,000 or 1,500 points (depends on ship our Casino Host said), you get the Casino VIP sticker for free drinks in the casino and the 5% convenience fee is waived for cash from Day 1 of the cruise. IN addition, we received our certificates in our room the n
  19. Hello, My boyfriend and I are going on a RC cruise in May 2018 to the Bahamas on Adventure of the Seas. One of the ports is Orlando Florida. My question is: would we be close enough to visit The Hard Rock Cafe while in port from 12 am to 9 pm.? We are casino fanatics and would like to go there on our own accord, not with a private journey. Any thoughts and/or info would be greatly appreciated.
  20. I've seen on cruise compasses, that there are special times when "low limit" tables games are available in the casino. Does anyone know what the minimum bet is during those times? I am particularly interested in blackjack.
  21. I wonder if there are any Club Royale members out there who have received any information on the new casino rewards program ? What little information I have received has been both contradictory and fuzzy. I understand the new program will have a tiered rewards hierarchy. That's about all I know for sure. I have heard that it was going to start in March but was delayed. I've heard lots of conflicting information on what is being retained from the old program and what is new. I have heard that there is a rather nebulous process by which we are all being "grandfathered" into some appropri
  22. Hey, Group Cruisers. Is anyone interested in doing a slot pull on our 16 Sept. Harmony Group Cruise ? HEADLINE : I am not offering to organize this ! I wouldn't have a clue how to do that. I am just throwing this out to see if anyone is interested. Dan and I would love to do it.
  23. WAAAYTOOO, just got back from our May 28th cruise on Liberty OTS out of Galveston, nobody ever cancelled a suite, so no suites opened up, but the Junior was just fine (Amazing cabin steward), anyway, used your suggestions in the Casino, went the first night and introduced ourselves to the Casino Manager and host (did not tell them we wanted to be rated, but did tell them we were not big gamblers), they already had a casino credit voucher available for us the first night (Very small from our 2016 cruise action), we continued to go by every night and made sure we said high and had a short conver
  24. what are the minimum bets on the table games in the casino on Allure (caribbean cruise)? I asked this question about Adventure several months ago and I was pleasantly surprised when we sailed to find that the the minimum bet was $5 all of the time. I was surprised because the tables were generally busy if not full every njght. Is Allure also $5? Do they raise the minimum when they are busy (@ night)? How many craps tables are on the floor?
  25. I'll be travelling on the Harmony of the Seas on the second week of October. I have found other cruises which have a large poker tournament planned but not mine. I am wondering if there is any small 10 table(?) poker tournaments on board during a cruise along with the other gambling and what are the buy-ins if so? ​The site does mention tournaments but is somewhat sparse on details.
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